english speaking driver and sourcing products


I will be in Shenzhen and Guangzhou  from October 7th.

I am wanting prices for english speaking driver who will also interpret, translate and assist in sourcing and purchasing goods in Shenzhen

1. price to drive from to & from Shangri La Hotel in Shenzhen to fabric  market.

2. price charged to assist with sourcing & purchasing of goods.

3. price to drive from Guangzhou with purchased goods & 2 passengers back to Shangri La Shenzhen.

4. price to drive from Shangri La Shenzhen to Hong Kong airport express.


Regards Jean

Hello, Jean. You should be probablly thinking more of a buying agent than of a driver. An agent is more likely to meet all of your needs (driving, assisting with sourcing and purchasing) whereas few drivers working for car rental comapnies, even English-speaking ones, can do a whole lot for you with the trading part as the latter kind of work takes expertise. 

If you look for a driver, you can hire a car or a little van and a driver from a car rental company in Shenzhen (there should be quite a few of them; you can look around). You can hire on a daily basis or hourly basis. For a day (7:00 am to 7:00 pm) ita takes ¥500-800. An English-speaking one costs a little more. If you hire by hours, it's about ¥80-120 per hour. It is unlikely, however, such a driver would be a reliable guide or aide on sourcing and buying. In China, few professional drivers are college-educated whereas interpreters, guides or business agents are generally are.

A buying agent or agency can provide a series of services, including transportation, sourcing, purchasing, inspecting goods, customs paper work, shipping, etc. The thing with this is probably that you have to work with them on a more formal basis, and this may not be necessary for a foreign business person who is purchasing a small amount of goods. Buying agencts often charge by percentage of the value of goods, like 3-5%. One can negotiate based on one's own needs.

You can also try interpretating/translation/guiding businesses in Shenzhen. Some of them also provide services in transportation and purchasing assistance. You can probably hire such an interpreter/guide for  ¥400-1000. There are also individuals who freelance in this kind of work. It is important, of course, that you work withreliable people, regardless if they're drivers, buying agents, interpreters or guides.

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