Nearest coffee shop with Wifi near Xi'erqi?

Hi! I am a student living near the Xi'erqi (???) subway station on Line 13 and the internet connection in my place isn't that great. I am looking to find a Starbucks or a coffee shop with wifi nearby so that I can Skype with people back home. Can you help me?

I really appreciate it!




There are a few coffee shops near Xi'erqi subway staiton on Line 13, even though there does not seem to be a Starbucks (Xingbake in Chinese). The following coffee shops are within 200-500 meters of Xi'erqi Station. You may want to check them out. Almost all of them located in the neighborhood marked by Shangdi Dong Lu (Shangdi East Road) in the east, Houchangcun Lu (Houchangcu Road) in the north, Shangdi Xi Lu (Shangdi West Road in the west), and Shangdi Shi Jie (Shangdi Tenth Street) in the south.

SPR Coffee, no. 1 Shangdi Shi Jie (Shangdi Tenth Street), inside Huihuang Guiji dasha (Huihuang International Plaza).

Ouman Yishu Kaifei, no. 1no. 1 Shangdi Shi Jie (Shangdi Tenth Street), inside Huihuang Guiji dasha (First Floor, No. 6 Buidling, East Wing); tel.: 6266 9642.

Chun Wu Du Kafeidian, no. 6 Shangdi Xi Lu, tel.: 5886 3423.

Chun Wu Du Kafeidian, no. 9 Shangdi Jiu Jie (Shangdi 9th Street), tel.: 8270 5551.

Chun Wu Du Kafeidian, Room 105, E Building, no. 1 Area, Yingchuang Dongli Yuan, tel.: 5885 1522.

Shangdao Kafei, no. 1 Shangdi Dong Lu, Penghuan Guoji Dasha (first floor); 5885 1638.

As you probably know, Shangdi and Xi'erqi is an area with a high concentration of IT companies, so getting online shouldn't be too much of a problem. Wonder what's wrong with the internect connection at your apartment; nowaday they should be pretty good. Dial-up seems to no longer used. It does not cost a whole lot to have high-speed internet connection- a little over 100 yuan per month for no-limit use or 30 yuan or so for 20 hours per month.

There are also what the Chinese call wang ba (net bars), which are not bars but really places where a lot of youngsters get online and mostly play games. But there does not seem to be where you're. In any event, those places tend to be rather seedy; avoid them if you could.