Taxi service to Terra Cotta Warriors

Hello, We arrive Xi'An at airport.  Are taxis available to take to Terra Cotta soldiers and turn us to airport?  What is the cost and include waiting time.  Do they wait?

You can hire a cab at Xian Airport to take you to the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum but it takes a little negotiation with with the cab drivers. Basically you hire the driver and his cab for a day. You can probably get it for ¥400-500. There are geen and black taxis in Xi'an; the latter cost a little bit more than the former. Drivers may ask for more seeing that you're foreign tourists. Tell them that you need the car for the day and need to be taken back to the airport. Be clear that you you have a tight schedule, that you will not take their suggestions to go to shopping places (they get their cuts on sales). In any event, remember the license number and driver's name - they should be clearly displayed in the cab. Ask for his cell phone number too.

From Xian Airport to the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum it is about 70 km. You should give it about 1.5 hours one way and 3 hours round trip on the road. The driver will go by the beltway of Xian and does not enter the city itself. So you need to make sure you have enough time to make the trip and not to miss your plane. If you hurry, you can take a quick look at the warriors' site in 2 hours. If you have more time, maybe the First Emperor's tomb itself.

If you do not have enough time to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum, the Hanyang Mauseleum near Xi'an Airport may be worth a tripl. It is just 15 minutes or so away from the airport. It is not as good a site as the terra cotta warriors, but it's better than nothing you do not have enough time to visit the terra cotta warriors.