Being a first time visitor to Macau I will be visiting the Remax Expo in Zhuhai next month I am buyer of Used Copiers, toners and spare parts can someone reconmend me where can I buy this Copiers, toners and Parts. I will be going to Shenzhen as I understand there are plenty of suppliers there and will be going to Hong Kong for a few days. I will arrive in Macau first and travel to Zhuhai I need assistance which places should I go to locate suppliers in this cities.  Can some recommend 3 to 4 star hotel location in Zhuhai/Shenzhen City and Hong Kong centrally located near Subway in the heart of the city. Thank you for your assistance.    

In Shenzhen, the best place to go for what you're looking for is probably Huaqiang Bei Lu (Huaqiang North Road). There are quite a few large markets for electronic products, including copies and related goods. One of the markets is Shenzhen Saige Electronic Market, located just north of the intersection of Shennan Zhong Lu (Shennan Middle Road) and Huaqiang Bei Lu (Huang Qiang North Road), in Saige Guangchang (Saige Plaza) and Baohua Dasha (Baohua Buidling). There are over a thousand shops and stalls in the market. Across road from Saige Market is Huaqiang Dianzi Shijie (Huaqiang Electronics World), another large market (tel., 0755-83320585). 

In the area known as Xungang, on the eastern end of Shenzhen, you'll find some office supplies stores; some of them sell second-hand goods. This is the area north of Xungang Xi Lu (Xungang West Road) and Xungang Dong Lu (Xungang East Road) and west of Shenzhen North Railway Station (Shenzhen Bei Zhan). A little farther west is the area called Bagualing; there are some office supplies stores there too,  

A Donguan-based office supplies company is Wenyi Wenju (Win 1 Office). No. 60 Nancheng Lu (Nancheng Road), Donghceng Qu (Dongcheng District), Dongguan. Tel., 0769-22239928.

In Guangzhou you can try the major electronics markets there. As for office supplies stores, there are some of them in the area known as Huangsha (there is a subway station by this name on Line 1; near Yide Lu (Yide Road), which is east of Haizhu Guangchang (Pearl Square); next to Kengkou Subway Station Line 1 (Chaoyang Culture Goods Wholesale Market). Office Stamart is an office supplies wholesale market, located at No. 1033 Baiyun Dadao (Baiyun Ave); tel., 020-86269788, 020-86269555. Another Guangzhou-based company, LJ, deals in second hand copiers. Tel., 020-87042219, 020-87041471, 13926069396; email, It has a website, in Chinese: Don't know much about the company. You need to check the places out for yourself of course.

For hotels, it really depends where you want to stay in a given city. You can take a look here: ZhuhaiShenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.