Travel to china

I want to travel to china,but i dont know which to go for clothing manufactores to buy and import to belgium ,

how does they work ? payment ??? shold i pay by ordering or by delivery ???

is it possible to buy directly from fabric or have to buy from wholesellers ???

the city with most lot of clothing  manufactures in china  ???

You can do some preliminary research at sites such as, which provide information on Chinese companies that sell to foreign markets.

If you want to buy locally in China, you may need the help a buying agent. The agent will work on your behalf and help you purchase and ship what you need.

If you want to travel to China to buy apparels, the most promising place to go is Guangzhou and surrounding area - Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Humen are known for clothing making and sales. The area is also close to Hong Kong. Below is some info on the apparels markets in the Guangzhou area.

No doubt, it is certainly a decent time to visit China. The climate is getting hotter, the blossoms are sprouting, and spring is coming. Spring wakes all nature. manufactured home parks. The Chinese writers dependably laud spring in their lyrics, and Chinese individuals dependably view spring as the most agreeable and excellent period of all.