Cycling near Beijing

I will be in Beijing in September and would like to do some cycle touring. My dates are fixed so I cant join an existing tour and I am not happy to pay the prices some of the bike companies are asking for a guide to join me. I want to cycle about 60-100km a day, i would prefer to have a guide as I think navigation will be difficult because of the language barrier and lack of maps. I am happy to carry my own gear (dont need a car to accompany me) and to stay in pretty basic accommodation. Does anyone have any suggestions about who i could talk to or about how to find a guide?

Sounds like you've contacted some biking tour operators? It looks like that for $50-70 you a day you can get a customized biking tour, with a guide to take you to some sites in and outside Beijing. They'd do up to 7 hours a day and cover 30-50 km. One such tour operator is Bycle Kingdom Tours and Rentals (

If this is not the sort of thing you want to do, it is going to take some efforts to make your own arrangements. Many people have done cycle around Beijing. The 2008 Olympic cycling events were held in Yanqing, an outlying district of Greater Beijing. This year, in June, there is an international cycling race and tour festival held in the same area  so this is doable. The organizers of the June event may be able to provide some information you need. Their website is here: The site has some English page. One link at the site leads to a biking in Yanqing page, which provides some detailed info on cycling in Yanqing, with some maps, but that page is in Chinese ( Yanqing has made cycling a major attraction in the region, so there may be some people who can help you.

There are also some cycling clubs in Beijing, with local members. Some of them may be interested in what you want to do. The challenge is, those who can cycle may not have good English whereas those who speak good English may not be able to bike at your level.