Ningbo to Xiaoshan International Airport

I am currently in Ningbo and wanted to know the easiest way to get to the International Airport in Hangzhou.  I think the Airport is called Xiaoshan International Airport.  Should I take a bus or take a train? How then do I get from the train/bus station to the Airport.

There does not seem to be direct transport between Ningbo and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. But you can go by bus or train to either Hangzhou or Xiaoshan (the district) and then catch an airport shuttle bus that go from Hangzhou or Xiaoshan (district) to Hangzhou Xiaoshn Airport. You should be able to find Xiaoshan-bound buses at Ningbo South Bus Station (Ningbo Qiche Nan Zhan). There should be hourly or so departures. Distance is approximately 100 km and bus ride time should be about 2 hours. Bus fare is about ¥50. At Xiaoshan Long Distance Bus Station (Xiaoshan Changtu Qiche Zhan) there should be airport shuttle bus departing every 30 minutes or so. Fare is ¥15 and travel time about 40 minutes.

Airport shuttle buses also come by Hangzhou Railway Station (Hangzhou Huoche Zhan), also called Cheng Zhan (City Station) as there is another railway station to the south (Hangzhou Southern Station). Shuttle buses come by every 30 minutes or so. Trains depart at Ningbo East Railway Station (Nongbo Dong Zhan). The train you want is one of those "D" trains, which is faster (1 h 40 or so to Hangzhou Railway Station). Train fare is about ¥50.

Xiaoshan is closer to the airport than Hangzhou. It also takes longer for the airport shuttle bus to come out of Hangzhou city to go to the airport. 

Some people actually go by bus to Shaoxing, which is on the way from Ningbo to Hangzhou, and take an airport shuttle bus there to go Xiaoshan Airport. But airport shuttle buses there do not seem to stop at the bus station but at some hotels. That means after you arrive in Shaoxing you''ll need to first get to one of those hotels to catch a shuttle bus.

So it seems Xiaoshan is a better choice if you decide to go by long distance bus.

Since you're catching a train, you want to plan well and give it some room time-wise.

You have luggage or want to go the airport directly, maybe you can negotiate and get a rental car to send you there. It will of course costs a lot mroe.


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