How many bicycles are in the Wuhan bike sharing program right now?

How many bicycles are in the Wuhan bike sharing program right now? And how many do they plan to have in the future?

Thank you.

As of year end 2010, there about 30,000 bicycles in the free-bike program of Wuhan. Over half a million bike-use cards have been issued. Daily use is around 180,000 persons (times). According to the city, eventually the total number of bicyles in the program will go up to 70,000.

As one can imagine, there have been complaints about issues such as shortage of bikes, delays in returning bikes after use, long wait for card application processing, etc.

I still don't know the exact number of bikes in Wuhan bike sharing program right now. I'm sure that they are increasing in number. Biking is a very good exercise. It promotes good blood circulation. It is also a good way to prevent obesity. Bike sharing is brand new in the United States. The very first major bike-sharing program in a large United States city became available in 2008. An unexpected spike in bike-sharing in Washington D.C. illustrates both the usefulness and the effectiveness of a strong bike-sharing system. Bike sharing programs, however, are facing strong resistance in some towns. Resource for this article: Bikeshare usage in D.C. spikes during natural disasters. I hope all countries around the world also promote this type of activity.

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