travel in china

I want to go to guangzhou, shantou, ningbo, hongkong from delhi, india, pls suggest me where should i go first and what places i should visit in hongkong, guangzhou

You should probably travel by the order of Hong Kong > Guangzhou > Shantou > Ningbo > Guangzhou > Hong Kong. 

Assuming your international flight arrives in Hong Kong, you can take train or bus to go to Guangzhou. It is a trip of an hour and a half or so. You'll go through Shenzhen, which is on the border between Hong Kong and Mainland China. There are quite a few train departures from Hunghom Station in Hong Kong to Guangzhou (Guangzhou East Railway Station). Train ride time is short of two hours. A first-class train ticket from Hunghom to Guanghou costs HK$190. You should also be able to find some bus departures at some major hotels in Hong Kong to Guangzhou. You can also first go to Lowu (Luohu) in Shenzhn and then take a bus or train to move on to Guangzhou. 

To get from Guangzhou to Shantou, you can take bus or train. Coach is probably the easier way to go as there are more departures. Bus ride is about 5 hours. Bus fare ¥80-100. There are two train departures from Guangzhou East to Shantou, both in the afternoon. Travel time is a little over 6 hours. Train fare for a soft seat is about ¥120.

There is a flight from Shantou Waisha Airport to Ningbo Lishe Airport. It is not a daily flight, operating only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and it departs very early in the morning, 7:50. Flight time is a little over one hour. Fares vary; you may get a plane ticket for ¥600-700 (one way). There is also long distance bus going from Shantou to Ningbo, but this is a very long bus ride - the distance between the two cities is over 1,000 km. Some buses have sleeping berths on them, but this is not a pleasant or very safe way to travel, especially for a foreigner. 

There is no direct train connection between Shantou and Ningbo. On the other hand, there are daily flights from Shantou tWaisha Airport o Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Hang Zhou is about two hours away from Ningbo. In that case you'll need to first take Airport Express to get from Xiaoshan Airport to Hangzhou Railway Station in the city and then take a train there. If you take the fastest train, it takes an hour and half to get from Hangzhou to Ningbo. But this is too be rather complicated. The simplest thing to do seems to be catching the direct flight from Shantou to Ningbo.

There are daily flights from Ningbo to Guangzhou. Flight cost is ¥600 or or so. There is also train connection between Ningbo and Guangzhou, but the ride is long, close to 24 hours, from noon to noon next day. You'll need a sleeping berth, hard or soft; tickets range ¥350-580. Tickets may be hard to come by.

Since Ningbo is not far from Shanghai (2-3 hours by train or bus), you can also enter or exit China by way of Shanghai. That depends on your plan for the international leg of your trip.

Among the attractions in Hong Kong is the Victoria Peak, where you can have a bird's view of the city below. You can take a ferry ride across the Victoria Harbor, from Hong Kong island to Kowloon, on which you can look at the city skyline from out in the bay. Now there is also Hong Kong Disneyland if you haven't visited one. Hong Kong Ocean Park is another major theme park. People go to Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and some other places for shopping and nightlife. They go to Stanley Island for bargain goods. Hong Kong Museum of History and Madame Tussaud Wax Museum may be of interest to you too.

Guangzhou (in a way, Hong Kong too), is not known for its beauty; the main appeal of the city is shopping (Shangxia Jiu Lu, Beijing Road, and places like them). Dinning is good too, at least to those who like authentic southern Chinese cuisine. In terms of sightseeing destinations, Yeuxiu Park, Baiyun Mountain Park, Nighttime cruise on the Pearl River, Shamian Island (embassy district, colonial buildings), Six Banyan Temple, and Chen Family Ancestral Temple.