Xiamen to Shantou to Hong Kong

We wish to travel from Xiamen to Shantou and then final destination is Hong Kong.

Can you please let me know wihich is more advisable, to travel by bus or train from these places?

How much would be the cost? What are the distances and  hours from these places to each other?

Thank you


Mchael NG

The distance between Xiamen and Shantou is approximately 280 km (173 miles). The most convenient way to travel would be coach as there is no direct train service between the two cities. Bus ride is 3-4 hours. Bus fare should be in the range of ¥90--120. Some buses may be nicer than others - air-conditioned, with stops on the way, etc. There should be quite some buses going from Xiamen to Shantou, probably hourly departures. You should be able to find these buses at the main long distance bus stations in Xiamen. For example, Xiamen Hubin Long Distance Bus Station (Xiamen Hubin Changtu Qiche Zhan) (No. 59 Hubin Nan Lu Zhong Duan; tel.: 0592 2215533). 

From Shantou to Hong Kong it is about 400 km. You can travel by plane or bus from Shantou to Hong Kong or Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong. There is a daily flight from Shantou Waisha Airport to Hong Kong, with departing time around 9:00. Flight time is about one hour. Airfare varies; you may be looking at ¥800-1,000.

If you do not want to fly, you may be able to find buses that go from Shantou to Hong Kong. For example, Trans Island, a Hong Kong-based bus company, seems to offer services between Hong Kong and Chaoyang. Chaoyang is an outlying district of Shantou, about 20 km outside Shantou. You can go to the following page for further information on this bus service (their "chinalink" service): 


In the event that you cannot find bus services from Shantou to Hong Kong, there should be quite some bus departures from Shantou to Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong. You should be able to find such buses at Shantou Bus Passenger Transportation Central Station (Shantou Qiche Keyun Zhongxin Zhan, located at No. 61 Taishan Road; tel.: (0754) 8881 7729, 8633 0988). There should be several departures everyday. You want the ones that go to Luohu (Lo Wu), where you can take a train or bus to move into Hong Kong. Bus travel time from Shantou to Shenzhen is about 4 hours if traffic is not an issue. Bus fare is around ¥100.

There is not a whole lot difference between bus service from Shantou to Shenzhen and those from Shantou to Hong Kong. When you travel with the latter buses, you still need step down and go through the border check; you then board your bus again.

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