Travel from Huangshan to Guilin

There is a post on this web site about direct train Huangshan - Guilin. It tells that there is a direct train from Huangshan to Guilin. The train departs from
Huangshan Station at about 23:00 and arrives at Guilin North Station
late the next afternoon.

This post was written a year ago. I am going to China
(Shanghai - Huangshan - Guilin
- Beijing) in October 2011. I can't
find a direct trains from Huangshan to Guilin
using any official web site. Does it still exist?

Thanks for answer.

Currently there is no direct train service between Huangshan and Guilin. If you have to travel by train, you'll have to make a connection. Connecdtions can be made in Yingtan, which is about 5 hours by train southwest of Huangshan, or in Nanchang, which is 8 hours away by train in the same direction. In Yingtan there are five trains going to Guilin, three departing around mid-night, one at 5 am and 5 pm or so. Train travel time from Yingtan to Guilin is 12-15 hours, a long trip. There are three trains going from Nanchang to Guilin, with travel times ranging from 14 to 17 hours. So, time wise, it would be better to make the connection in Yingtan instead of Nanchang. The problem is to secure your train tickets beforehand as they may prove to be hard to come by: Yingtan is a small station, so there may not be many tickets; trip is long so you may want to have a sleeping berth; and Guilin is a popular destination. 

Huangshan has an airport, but there does not seem to be direct flight from Huangshan to Guilin.

Another possibility is to go back to Shanghai, by train or plane, and go from there, by train or plane, to Guilin. Flight time from Shanghai to Guilin is 2.5 hours. Train travel time from Shanghai to Guilin is 20-24 hours. Three trains depart from Shanghai to go to Guilin, all in the afternoon and evening. Shanghai is the originating station of these trains, so there should be more tickets. You may get your traiin tickets through the hotel you stay in Shanghai.

You can also go from Huangshan to Hangzhou and take a plane or train there to move on to Guilin. Like with the case of Shanghai, this is going east instead of west toward Guilin, but Hangzhou is a nice travel destination in itself and if you're incline to take a look at the city, this may work for you. From Huangshan to Hangzhou it is a bus trip of four hours (¥80-100). From Hangzhou to Guilin it is a train ride of 18-22 hours; train fare for a hard sleeper is ¥300 or so; for a soft sleeper, ¥480 or so.  As noted, there are flights from Hangzhou to Guilin, which can be booked more in advance than trains. Air fares, however, may double your train cost.

Thank you