bus information

Hi! I need to know the name of the bus station going to Huidong? Can I have the telephone number as well? and the address please.  Thank you.

Are you referring to Huidong County in Guangdong Province? Going there from which city? If it is Guangzhou, you can try Guangzhou Tianhe Passenger Transportation Station (Guangzhou Tianhe Keyun Zhan), located at No. 633 Yanling Road, Tianhe District; tel.: (020)37085070. There should be departures every hour or so, with the latest at 3:00 pm or so. Some of the buses go to Huidong; some others go to Huangbu in Huidong. Cost is ¥80-100. Travel time is approximately 2 hours. You can also try Guangdong Provincial Bus Station (Guangdong Sheng Qiche Zhan), located at No 145 West Beltway (Huanshi Xi Lu), close to Guangzhou Railway Station; tel.: (020) 86661297 or 86692865-2196.

The main long distance bus station in Huidong Qiche Zhan (Huidong Bus Station), located at No. 88 Xinhua Road, Pingshan, Huidong; tel.: (0752) 8813324 or 8822324. Pingshan is the county seat of Huidong.