Going to Meizhou from Wenzhou by Bus ?

I wish to travel to Bus from Wenzhou to Meizhou. Need to know is there any Bus Services inthis route ? 

How much time does it take ? what is the bus fare ?





It is a long way from Wenzhou to Meizhou, about 1,000 km (620 miles). We're not aware of direct bus services between Wenzhou and Meizhou. You can look further into it. There is service between Wenzhou and Shantou, Shantou being two and a half hours south of Meizhou. But the bus ride from Wenzhou to Shantou alone is a very long trip, probably 12 hours or so. Then you'll have to go from Shantou to Meizhou. The bus from Wenzhou to Shantou departs from Wenzhou New Bus Station South Station (Wenzhou Xin Qichen Zhan Nan Zhan), which is located where Wenzhou Daodao (Wenzhou Avenue) intersects Nanpu Lu (Nanpu Road). Tel. 0577-8676 6264, 8115 3000. Bus fare is probably going to be ¥200-300. In Shantou, you can take a bus to Meizhou at Shantou Qiche Keyun Zhongxin Zhan (Shantou Bus Passenger Transportation Central Station. Bus fare is about ¥50. Or you can take a train, two departures for Meizhou, 9:47 am and 5:40 pm; train fare roughly the same for a soft seat. The hard part is the trip from Wenzhou to Meizhou. 

There is no direct train connection between Wenzhou and Meizhou either. If you travel by train you'll have to make a connection too. For example, you can first travel by train from Wenzhou to Xiamen (3 hours) and then travel by train from Xiamen to Meizhou (8-9 hours). Total cost would be ¥270 or so.

Meizhou has an airport (Meixian Airport), but it has connections only to Guangzhou and Hong Kong. You can fly from Wenzhou to Guangzhou (1 h 50 m), and then from Guangzhou to Meizhou (50 m), but you have to consider of course the time to go to the airports and make the connection. It costs more too. Probably ¥800 or so one way.