Night bus from BaoAn Airport to YangShuo?

Can you please tell me if there is any night bus to Yangshuo from ShenZhen, BaoAn Airport (or nearby) after 22:00 ?

It is unlikely that you'll find buses that go directly from Shenzhen Baoan Airport to Yangshuo. However, you can go to Yangshuo by bus from long distance bus stations not far away from Baoan Airport. Possibilities include Fuyong Bus Station, Baoan Bus Station, and the bus stations inside Shenzhen itself. It is doubtful, however, that you'll be able to go after your arrival at the airport at 22:00. There seems to be a Guilin-bound bus that departs from Baoan Bus Station close to 22:00. But, you of course need time to get out of the airport and Baoan Bus Station is about 12 km from Baoan Airport.

Fuyong Bus Station (Fuyong Qiche Zhan) is 3 km or so northwest of Baoan Airport. There seem to be two or three bus departures to Guilin during the day; the latest departure seems to be 19:00. The distance between Shenzehn and Guilin is about 700 km. So it is going be an overnight ride. Yangshuo is about one hour outside Guilin. Don't know if this bus will stop at Yangshuo. Tel. of Fuyong Bus Station: (0755)27395781.

Baoan Bus Station (Baoan Qiche Zhan) is about 12 km southeast of Baoan Airport. There are a number of departures and the latest seems to be at 21:50. Buses seem to stop in Yangshuo on their way to Guilin.

Inside Shenzhen, there should be bus that go to Guilin and/or Yangshuo at Yinhu Bus Station, Futian Bus Passenger Transportation Station (Futian Qiche Keyun Zhan), Qiaoshe Bus Passenger Transportation Station (Qiaoshe Qiche Keyun Zhan), and Longhua Bus Station. Futian and Qiaoshe stations are in the heart of Shenzhen, about 25-30 km from Baoan Airport. Futian Bus Station is on Shennan Ave. (Shennan Dadao), tel., (0755)83587526. Qiaoshe Bus Station is a few km from Luohu Border Cross, tel.: (0755)25592947.

You may be looking at a bus fare that is ¥180-280.

Bus ride from Shenzhen to Guilin (Yangshuo) may last 10 hours or so. Many buses have sleeping berths. Still, you may want to think whether you want to go by bus.

There is one train that goes from Shenzhen to Guilin, departing at 17.50. Sleeping berth tickets cost ¥250-380; train ride time is 13 hours or so. There are flights (9:30 and 22:00) from Baoan Airport to Guilin Liangjiang Airport. Depending on how you book, one way plane ticket costs ¥550-750.

Thanks a lot! Very detailed info indeed!!

I'm arriving to BaoAn airport at 20:45. I have a 22:00 flight  to Guilin booked, but the chances that I miss it are high. That's why i'm thinking of a plan B. Worse come to worse I'll have to spend a night at the airport.