i am presently in Guangtzho at the Dong Fang Hotel.  I want to purchase door handles, doors, ceiling cornices, gates and furniture.  Where is the closest place to do this?  All these items are for personal use and not for resale.

Please advise urgently as my time here is very limited.

By "Guangtzho" you probably mean "Guangzhou." To purchase the goods you have in mind, you probably should check out what the Chinese call jiaju shichang (furniture markets) or jiancai shichang (construction material market). Sometimes these markets are called "cities", as in jiaju cheng (furniture city) and jiancai cheng (construction material city). There are many such markets in Guangzhou. For example, Jin Haima Jiaju Cheng (Jin Haima Furniture City) is a chain of stores. There three locations in Guangzhou. One is on Liuhua Road in Yuexiu District, maybe half a kilometer south of Guangzhou Railway Station. The second Jin Haima store is in Tianhe District, where Huangpu Dadao Xi (Huangpu Ave West) intersects Machang Road. The third store is at Guangzhou Dadao Nan 1162 Hao (No. 1162 Guangzhou Ave South).

You said you're staying at Dongfang Hotel. That is on Liuhua Road, not far from Guangzhou Railway Station.

Bohuang Guoji Jiaju Bolan Zhongxin (Bohuang International Furniture Exhibition Center is located on Huadi Dadao Bei (Huadi Ave North), between Huadi Station and Kengkou Station of Subway Line One. Over 100,000 sq. meters in retail area. Tel.: (020) 81512398. This is southwest of central Guangzhou.

To the south of the city center, there is Jisheng Weibang Guoji Jiaju Bolan Zhongxin (Jisheng Weibang International Home Life Exhibition Center), located in Fanyu District, a couple of kilometers off Hanxi Changlong Staton of Subway Line Three (tel.: (020)84566210. Ten km or so south of this place, off Dashi Station of Subway Line Three, there is Dashi Furniture City. This is a cluster of stores that spreads over a long stretch of Hiwaty 105.

Northwest of where you are, close to Jingxi Nanfang Yiyuang Station of Subway Line Three Northern Extension, there is Tianzhou Jiaju Cheng.

As for construction material markets, a big place is Tianhe District, on Huangpu Dadao (Huangpu Ave), close to where Subway Line 5 and Subway Line 4 intersect each other. At Danan Road there is also a concentration of stores selling construction and decoration goods. The place is a few kilometers south of Guangzhou Railway Station, between Gongyuanqian Station and Haizhu Guangchang Station of Subway Line 2. Another place that deals home building and decoration goods is on Nanan Street off Zhongshan Ba Station of Subway Line 5.

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