Stay in Beijing and Visit Universities

Hi, if I say in the northwestern part of Beijing (an area known as Wangjing?), how easy or difficult would it be for me to go from there to Beijing University of Languages and Culture? How long does it take? Does the arrangement make sense at all or should I really think of some other place to stay. That is, for a period of three weeks or so in which I will probably make daily trips for the most part. Thank you.

The area known as Wangjing in Beijing is located in the northeastern corner of the city, outside Fourth Beltway. Beijing Language and Culture University is in the northwestern part of the city, also outside Fourth Beltway. The two places are about 10 km apart from each other. In terms of means of transportation, you can get to the university from Wangjing by car, going directly west. There are several avenues you can use, including Fourth Beltway, which is a freeway. If you go by taxi, fare should be ¥20 or so. Time needed varies depending on traffic conditions. The routes you can use are not particularly prone to jams, but it is hard to tell for sure. If you're close to subway lines 13 or 10, you can also ride the trains, but you'll need to make connections. The closest subway station to the university is Wudaokou on Line 13. It should be noted that even through Subway Line goes by both Wangjing and BLCU, it is not a good idea to go directly by this line as the train goes the farther way, taking a circuitous route. Wudaogou Station is about 1 km west of BLCU. By car or subway, you're looking at 30-40 minutes travel time.