Getting from Cixi to Wuxi

I'm in Cixi now but will need to get to Wuxi on Wednesday. What is the best way? I can take the bus from here to the Shanghai South Bus Terminal, walk over to the South Railway Station, catch the metro to the Main Railway Station, and get a train to Wuxi from there. Or is there a better way? Thank you!

We assume you're referring to Xixi in east Zhejiang province. There should be long distance bus service between Cixi and Wuxi. About two departures per day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Departure times may not be definite because if the bus may wait for passengers till they gather enough people to go. The distance between Cixi and Wuxi is roughly 300 km. It is a bus ride of 3.5 hours or so. Bus fare should be around 100 Chinese dollars. There are a number of 4 long distance bus stations in Cixi. Cixi Bus Station (Cixi Qiche Zhan), also called Cixi Long Distance Bus Station (Cixi Changtu Qiche Zhan), is the main station. It is is located on Ciyong Road (Ciyong LU), where Ciyong Lu and Jiaochangshan/Cishan Road intersect. This is a short distance west of Cixi Grand Hotel (Cixi Da Jiudian). If you can call, try 63812874. There are a couple of other bus stations in Cixi.

If you cannot catch the buses that go from Cixi to Wuxi, you can go to Shanghai and make a transfer. You can make connection there either by train or buses from Shanghai to Wuxi. There should be many train and bus departures to Wuxi there. Ideally, of course, you travel directly from Cixi to Wuxi.