Luggage on bus from Shanghai Pudong airport to Wuxi

I would be grateful if someone could tell me how much luggage one can take on buses in China, in particular the bus from Shanghai Pudong airport to Wuxi. I ask as I'll be bringing a bicycle in a bicycle hard case measuring 112cm x 75cm x 29cm and a standard suitcase. If the Shanghai Pudong airport to Wuxi cannot take this kind of luggage what transport options do I have. Many thanks! Dennis

Generally, if you just bring luggage such as a couple of standard suitcases when you travel by bus, you won't be charged extra. If you're bringing unusual luggage such as bicycles, large televisions, etc., you may be charged. Transportation authorities have certain calculation rules for cases like these. Officially, the way they figure the fee is to go by weight per kilometers, but actual fees charged may vary from place to place. For a boxed bicycle, you may be charged ¥30-50 or more, like ¥100. But again, unlike the situation with flights, the enforcement of the rules is not uniform. Sometimes, if your luggage is not too large, they'd overlook it. The luggage will go with you in the storage place in the lower part of the bus.

You can also choose to ship your stuff separate from your bus, although it is simpler to have the luggage to go with you. There should be luggage shipping services at Pudong Airport.  

The customer service phone number at Pudong Airport is 96990.

While it is generally safe to have your luggage go into the storage place under the bus, you should keep your most valuable items with you, not in the luggage just case of theft or loss.

Very many thanks CTA! This is most useful information. Best wishes, Dennis

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