HI,  Can i get in Chinese Character the name and address of Ningbo Bus Station- Long Distance to go to Yiwu,  Yiwu bus station- to return back and Futian Market , so that I can show to Taxi Driver to take me. I can not speak Chinese. vivek

Below are Chinese characters, along with English translations, of Ningbo Passenger Transport Center and Yiwu Binwang Passenger Transport Center. You should be mindful of the fact that there are a number of long distance bus stations in Ningbo and Yiwu; the two given here are the ones that there seem to be most bus services between the two cities. If you're traveling from and to different stations, it's a different story. For some more information on traveling between Ningbo and Yiwu, check out these pages:

As always, you should double check any information that you get to make sure that they're up to date.