Travlling from Taizhou to Jinan

What is the best mode of transport and route from Taizhou to Jinan. We are on a business tour, we would like to travel either in the morning or in the evening. Please advice

I assume you refer to Taizhou in Zhejiang Province. There is another city called Taizhou, which is located in Jiangsu Province farther north. Taizhou in Zhejiang has more foreign trade connections, so I assume that is the city you're visiting.

The distance between Taizhou and Jinan is approximately 1,500 km. There are no direct travel links between Taizhou aned Jinan, and you'll need to travel to a bigger city nearby and then go from there. You can go up north to Ningbo (150 km) or come down south to Wenzhou (140 km) and then go from there. You can also first travel to Hangzhou (300 km) or Shanghai (500 km) and go from there to Jinan. Wenzhou and Ningbo are closer, of course. If you go by train, it is a trip of 50 minutes or so from Taizhou to either Ningbo or Wenzhou. There are also many buses going from Taizhou to Ningbo and to Wenzhou.

In Taizhou or Ningbo you can then fly or take a train ride to Jinan. At Ningbo Lishe Airport there is one daily flight to Jinan, departing around 11:00 am. Flight time is 1 h 45 m. At Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport there are a couple of daily departures for Jinan, operated by Shandong Airline. One departure is in the morning. The other is late at night. Flight time is about two hours. Arrival is at Jinan Yaoqiang Airport. Airfares from Wenzhou or Ningbo to Jinan are in the range of Y800-1,200.

There are also train services from Ningbo or Wenzhou to Jinan. One train goes from Ningbo East Railway Station to Jinan, departure in the morning. Train ride time a little over 17 hours. Two Trains from Wenzhou Railway Station make stops at Jinan, both departing around noon time. Train ride time is over 21 hours. For the train ride from Ningbo or Wenzhou, you'll need a sleeping berth. A ticket for a soft-sleeping berth costs about Y500.

As mentioned above, you can also make your connections in Hangzhou or Shanghai, which larger cities farther north. If you take one of those D trains going out of Taizhou, you can get to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport in less than 4 hours. To Hangzhou, it is a train ride of over 2 hours. There should also be many long distance coach services from Taizhou to Hangzhou and Shanghai.

If it is Taizhou in Jiangsu Province that you'll visit, you need to first travel to Nanjing and then go from there by train or plane to Jinan.