Travel from Guangzhou to Suzhou and Yiwu by plane or train

Hi, which airport is the closest to Suzhou? Does the city have an airport of its own. Traveling from Guangzhou to Suzhou, what is the best way to go? Plane or train or maybe long distance coach? What if I want to make a stop in Yiwu? Thanks for any input.

The closest airport to Suzhou is Wuxi Shuofang Airport. It is 25 km north of Suzhou. There are flights from Guangzhou to Wuxi Shuofang Airport, operated by China Southern Airlines, China East Airlines, and Shenzhen Airlines. Flight time is two and a half hours. Depending how and when you book your tickets, you may be looking at Y500-800 for a one way ticket. There are airport shuttle buses that take passengers from Shuofang Airport to Suzhou. There are, however, only three or four departures during the day; you need to make sure that you're not arriving too late to capture these buses. The shuttle ride is about 40 minutes. You can also take a taxi to get Suzhou but that's going to cost more. You can also travel by train, but you need to get from the airport to Wuxi first and take a train there.

Wuxi and Suzhou have been fighting over the name of the airport that is situated in between the two cities - 15 km to Wuxi and 25 km to Suzhou. The latest news is that Wuxi Shuofang Airport will be renamed Sunan Shuofang Airport.

If you fly from Guangzhou to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, it is a bus ride of 1 h 40 m.

There is one train that goes from Guangzhou to Suzhou. It leaves in the morning and arrives in the small hours of the next morning. Train travel time is over 21 hours. A soft sleeper ticket costs about the same as a plane ticket.

If you want to visit Yiwu and Suzhou, you can first fly to Yiwu and then travel by train or bus from Yiwu to Suzhou. There are flights from Guangzhou to Yiwu Airport, operated by China Southern Airlines. Distance between Yiwu and Suzhou is about 400 km. There are a number trains that connect two cities. Train travel times is 5-6 hours. There should also quite some buses that travel between the two cities. Train fare and bus fare are roughly the same.