Huizhou, Hangshan and Shexian

Where is Huizhou? Is it the the same as Huangshan City, or a different place completely? Or is it the same as Shexian? How far is it then to Huangshan?

The region today called Huangshan City used to be named Huizhou. Curretnly, Huizhou is just a district under the administration of Huangshan City. The name switch took place due to the better recognizability of Huangshan or Mt. Huang as a major tourist attraction. So now Huangshan City is the name for the region that used to be known as Huizhou Prefecture.

Nor the old Huizhou Prfecture nor Huangshan City today is a city. What is referred to here is a large a administrative unit consisted of scattered urban centers and counties. Currently Huangshan City governs three districts - Tunxi, Huizhou, and Huangshan. To make the matter even more complicated, the seat of the Huangshan City government is based in Tunxi District where Huangshan District is so named because the famed mountain is there. All this was due to power-grabbing on the part of some bureaucrats who claimed the the name of "Huangshan" for themselves even though they themselves are actually in Tunxi, which is some distance from the mountain.

In any event, insofar as tourists are concerned, if they come in by plane, they arrive at Huangshan Airport, which is about 10 km west of Tunxi and 50 km or so south of Huangshan Mountain. If they come in by train, they arrive at Huangshan Railway Station, which is in Tunxi and is about 60 km south of Huangshan Mountain. There are many buses running from these places to Huangshan Scenic Zone.

Huizhou District is approximately 20 km north of Tunxi.

Shexian used to be the seat of the government of Huizhou Prefecture. Now it is where the government of the Shexian County is based. It is about 30 km northeast of Tunxi. There is a train station in Shexian, Shexian Railway Station.

Some tourists who visit Mt. Huang also go to Xidi and or Hongcun in the nearby Yi County. These are villages with rural residences featuring traditional architecture. Also, In Tunxi there is Laojie - "Old Street," which is a street with a lot of shops for handicrafts, antiques, souvenirs, etc.

There is another city called Huizhou. It is next to Guangzhou and Dongguan, close to Hong Kong too.