Shenzhen Landed Visa

Hai, I'm planning to go to Shenzhen via Hong Kong this 28th of December 2010. I'm holding Indonesian Passport, is it possible for me to apply Landed Visa at the border of Shenzhen? I heard that the landed visa is abolished for the moment, because there are a big event at Beijing. I just want to make sure this issue is real or not. Thanks you.



You should be able to get a visa at Shenzhen border upon arrival. This was policy was suspended for some time in 2008 due to the Beijing Olympic Games held then, but has been reinstalled since then. This is a visa that gets you five days in Shenzhen. You cannot go to other parts of China on this visa. If Shenzhen is the only places in China you'll visit on this trip, this is the visa for you. You can get this visa at Luohu (Lo Wu) border cross and a couple of other border crosses between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It costs about ¥150. The Luohu visa office opens from 9 am to 10 pm. Under normal circumstances, it does not take long to get this visa, half an hour or so.

The Shenzhen border landing visa is not available to U.S. citizens. Holders of Indonesian passports should be all right. Still, you should double check before you go to make sure. For example, there seems to be a difference between those Philippine citizens who are traveling to China for the first time and those who are returning.

For a standard China, one can apply at the Chinese consulate that is the closet. One also apply in Hong Kong through the branch office of China Travel Service there. In Hong Kong it takes two to three days for one to get a standard China visa, the same day if put in early enough in the day, with a rush-service fee.

Since there is still quite some time before you travel, you can consider your options in getting your visa. Getting your visa in advance will take uncertain out of your travel plans. Also keep in mind that you'll be traveling very close to the near year. The traffic between Hong Kong and Shenzhen is likely to heavier than usual.

It is true Shenzhen Visa On Arrival has been suspended until Jan 2011 because of Asian Games?

The authorities put the Shenzhen landing visa on hold for the Guangzhou Asian Games. The Games closed on November 27, but it is said that the Shenzhen upon-arrival visa won't become available till Jan 11.

hi there i am a malaysian passport holder residing in HK ie not PR but i have HK id card. am i still able to obtain a landing visa at the Lowu border? its just a day trip as i  plan to shop there only. thanks.

You should be able to get a Shenzhen-5-day visa at Lowu (Luohu) border check point. Permanent residency of Hong Kong is not required for this visa. Citizens of certain countries are not eligible for this visa, including those of the U.S. (for some reasons), but you should be alright. The visa gives you 5 days in Shenzhen. You're not suppose to go out of Shenzhen with this visa. One applies for this visa after passing the Hong Kong-side passport checkpoint. The cost seems to be HK$160 for most people, although citizens of a few countries pay more (like HK$450).