Fly from Hangzhou to Qingdao and then Yiwu

HERE IS MY JOURNEY; FROM Hangzhou xiaoshan Airport to Qingdao Liuting Airport, Then from Qingdao Liuting Airport to yiwu airport. what are the fares? please advise me thanks.

There are no flight service between Qingdao and Yiwu. However, since Yiwu is just a couple of hours from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, you might as well fly round trip between Hangzhou and Qingdao. After you have arrived back at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, you can take an airport shuttle bus to go to Yiwu. There should be hourly bus departures, from 10:00 in the morning till 9:00 or so at night. Bus fare should be about 60 yuan. It's a ride of about 2 hours. Destination in Yiwu is Binwang Long Distance Bus Station. Info for airport shuttle buses, tel. 571-86662539.

There are three or four daily flights from Hangzhou to Qingdao, mostly in the afternoon. Flight time is a little short of 2 hours. You can probably get a round-trip ticket for 800-1,100 yuan.

No direct train service between Qingdao and Hangzhou or Yiwu.