train xiamen to shenzhen

hi iam anthony, is the rail for the fast train from xiamen to shenzhen open?

There are no direct train services between Xiamen and Shenzhen yet. On the coastal railway that is under construction now has services from Shanghai up in north to Ningbo, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, and as far south as Xiamen, but no extension from Xiamen to Shenzhen yet.

You can, however, travel by train from Xiamen to Guangzhou, which is about an hour north of Shenzhen. There are two trains that go from Xiamen to Guangzhou East, both leaving in the afternoon and arrive early next morning. As you can see, it's a long train ride and you need a sleeping berth. A sleeping berth costs 180-280 yuan.

You can also take a long distance coach from Xiamen to Shenzhen. Bus ride time is about 8 hours. Distance to about 700 km. There are sleeping berths on some of the buses, and there overnight services. Quite some departures from Xiamen everyday, from Hubin Bus Station, Songbai Bus Station, and Jimei Bus Station. Cost is about 180 yuan.

You can fly from Xiamen Gaoqi Airport and Shenzhen Baoan Airport. Airfare is 600-900 yuan. Flight time is 55 minutes.

thank you so much for your answer!my point is i want to go to hong kong,and visit xiamen maybe first by trai to wenzhou,but the most important is going to hong kong faster,what do you think about the 13 hours wenzhou to longyan then longyan to shenzhen?

As noted, you can travel by train directly from Wenzhou to Guangzhou. The train ride is 22 hours and you'll need to then get from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. On the surface, going via Longyan to Shenzhen takes less time - 4 hours from Wenzhou to Longyan and then 8 hours from Longyan to Shenzhen. But the issue is to make a connection in Longyan. If you can purchase tickets for trains to and from Longyan and make a smooth connection, this would not be too bad a way to go. If you do not make arrangement in advance, you'll have to try to catch a train on the spot in Longyan, which is a relatively small city. So there is some uncertain with that. In comparison, there is not a whole lot difference between going from Shenzhen to Hong Kong and going from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, one trip one hour and the other about two hours.

Anyhow, if you do choose to make the connection in Longyan, see if you could purchase the ticket from Longyan to Shenzhen while you're in Wenzhou. Tickets for trains that depart from a city other than one's original city can be purchased, but there are some restrictions. One possible one is that the second train has to be one originating from the connection station. Longyan being small, it's unlikely that your train actually originate there; most likely it is a going-through train. Another way to do this is buy an all-way ticket to Shenzhen, and, once arrive in Longyan, go to the ticketing office there and your ticket "signed" for your connecting train. The third way is to buy a ticket that goes from Wenzhou to Longyan and once in Longyan buy the ticket for the next train. It may not be hard, but it is just uncertain if tickets will be readily available in Longyan. You should u probably go to the train station in Wenzhou and ask about the possibilities mentioned above.

Still, traveling directly from Wenzhou to Guangzhou seems a better way. That is if you can get an sleeping berth on the train for the 22 hour trip.

it's very interesting, the bus from xiamen to shenzhen. do u know what time is the bus everyday? because i want to visit xiamen so its only 3 hours then can be 8 hours by bus its shorter and cheap. thank you so much for all informations. you are great!

There should be 6 or so Shenzhen-bound bus departures from the main long distance bus stations in Xiamen, whiich are Hubin Bus Station, Songbai Bus Station, and Jimei Bus Station.

Some trains from Wenzhou arrive at Xiamen Railway Station (Xiamen Zhan) whereas some other trains arrive at Xiamen Railway North Station (Xiamen Bei Zhan). Hubin Long Distance Bus Station (Hubin Changtu Qiche Zhan) and Songbai Long Distance Bus Station (Songbai Changtu Qiche Zhan) are closer to Xiamen Railway Station, 3 or 4 km away. Jimei Long Distance Bus Station (Jimei Changtu Qiche Zhan) is farther away; it is 7-8 km to Xiamen Railway North Station.

Most Shenzhen-bound buses out of Xiamen have Luohu in Shenzhen as their destination. More specifically, Qiaoshe Bus Station (Overseas Chinese Bus Station), which is next to Shenzhen Railway Station, which in turn is next to the border cross to Hong Kong. It is a good idea, though, to double check to make sure that is where your bus will go in Shenzhen. A few buses may go some other places in Shenzhen, which may not be close to the border cross. As noted, the bus ride lasts about 8 hours, depending on traffic on the road. There are sleeping berths. There are departures during the day, also departures in the evening, with arriving hours in the morning.

hi iam anthony,we talk last month about the distance train bus xiamen to shenzhen,so we have plan to go 2 days in xiamen on 11 december then take the long distance bus xiamen to shenzhen!i wanna know where i can buy or book the tickets? xiamen to shenzhen (the station closer to hong kong)because we go to hong kong!

thank you very much

You probably need to purchase your ticket at bus stations. There is a website that sells long distance bus tickets in Xiamen, but it does not seem to be very reliable, not to mention you need to be registered and can pay via internet banking. The site is, in Chinese only. If it works, one is supposed to purchase online and then pick up ticket at a bus station later on.

You can go to the main long distance bus station in Xiamen to buy your ticket: Hubin Qiche Zhan: No. 59 Hubin Nan Lu Zhong Duan (Hubin South Road Middle Section), Siming District, Xiamen. Tel. (0592) 2215533, 2201246, 2215283, 2202030. This bus station is located on the western end of Xiamen island. Hubin Nan Lu is a main avenue in the city.

Jimei Bus Station (Jimei Qiche Zhan) is located at No. 158 Yinjiang Lu (Yinjiang Road). Tel. (0592) 6068319.

Songbai Bus Station (Songbai Qiche Zhan) seems to be now Fanghu Passenger Transportation Center (Fanghu Qiche Zhan), now located at No. 5 Jinhu Lu (Jinhu Road), Huli District, Xiamen. This is a little north on Xiamen island. Tel. (0592) 5089328.

You can probably buy your ticket a couple of days in advance. During holidays they sell more in advance. In most cases, however, you can just buy your ticket on the same day and go.

You can also give the phone number 968828 a try if language is not a problem.

When you buy your ticket, tell them you want to go to Luohu in Shenzhen. This is the main border cross point between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, where you can go to Hong Kong by train or bus. There is a Luohu Bus Station, and there is also a Qiaoshe Bus Station in Luohu, which is just a few minutes away from Luohu Railway Station.

You probably should get a sleeping berth on bus as the bus ride may last 7-8 hours. Fare should be 250 Chinese dollars or so.