There is a toilet on Shenzhen-Shantou bus?

Hi all, maybe some one smile, but last trip I did in china (5 hours) the driver didnt stoped in all the trip to go toilet.. Next Wednesday I need to go to Shantou from Shenzhen, and I wonder if may happen the same,,, does the bus has toilet inside? 


Yes, that's a quite an issue. There are toilets on many long distance buses nowadays, including the ones serving Shenzhen and Shantou, as it is a fairly long ride. In the event there is not, the bus driver should have the good sense to make a stop on his own. If he does not, one can always ask him to do so at one of the rest areas on the freeway. He understands since you won't be the first or the last to do so. The Chinese words to use is: "Yao shang cesuo" - "Need" "go to" "toilet." The "ce" in "cesuo" pronounces as "ts uh".