China Travel Destinations

  • Yinchuan is the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, which borders the grassland and deserts in the northern and western regions of China. The Yellow River lies east of Yichuan, and the name of the city literally means "Silver Valley", which refers to the fertility of land in an area that is generally dry and dusty. Yinchuan has a population of one million (about two million if one counts the residents of the surrounding rural areas). Ningxia being an autonomous region for many of China's Muslim minority people known as Hui, Yinchuan has a strong Islmic feel to it.

  • People travel to Yiwu mostly for business. Located in central Zhejiang, Yiwu is a small city that rose in recent years to become a prominent small-goods distribution center. Businessmen from all over China, and the world too, make their way there to stock up commodities such as clothes and handcrafts.

  • Zhengzhou is located in the heart of China, where the Yellow River and the Beijing-Guangzhou railway intersect. It is 722 km or 447mi south of Beijing and 1756 km or 1088 mi north of Guangzhou. The region around Zhengzhou has a long history that goes back thousands of years, where the capital of the Shang Dynasty was once located. The city itself, however, is relatively young, which has developed largely due to the increasing importance of railway transportation in the modern times.