People travel to Yiwu mostly for business. Located in central Zhejiang, Yiwu is a small city that rose in recent years to become a prominent small-goods distribution center. Businessmen from all over China, and the world too, make their way there to stock up commodities such as clothes and handcrafts.



  1. Hengdian Film and TV Studio

    Located approximately 50 km southeast of Yiwu, Hengdian Studio is the largest movie-making site in the world. Both a filming facility and a theme park, the studio occupies a total area of 330 hectares. Among the attractions on the site is an imperial city built in the style of the early Chinese dynasties Qin and Han. The Chinese movie, Hero, directed by Zhang Yimu, was partly filmed here.

  2. Huangyuan Market in Yiwu

    An older market in Yiwu, Huangyuan market was created in 1992. Over 7,000 merchants retail and wholesale in the market, concentrating in textiles, shoes, luggage, hardware, and sports goods.

  3. Specialty Streets

    Luggage: Wutai Jie, Huangshan Jie, Shichang Lu. Zippers: Binwang Xiaoqu. Umbrellas and Raicoats: Huangyuan Xincun. Plastic Goods: Jiangdong Xincun, Gongdatang. Flowers: Choujiang Lu. Decoration Materials: Loudian. Small Electronics: Jiangbin Zhong Lu. Callendars: Yangguang Xiaoqu.

  4. The Tomb of Luo Binwang

    A native of the region that is known as Yiwu today, Luo Binwang was a prominent poet and essayist of the Tang Dynasty (7-10th century). In addition to his literary work, Luo also played a part in a rebellion against the famed Express Wu who declared herself the head of the Chinese Empire. Luo's tomb (Luo Binwang Mu) is located in the eastern suburb of Yiwu.

  5. Yiwu International Trade City

    Also known as Futian Market, Yiwu International Trade City (Yiwu Guoji Shangmao Cheng) opened for business in 2002. Built in several phases, the market shelters over 10,000 wholesale and retail businesses that offer small goods such as toys, apparels and accessories, gifts, buttons, umbrellas, artificial flowers, electronics, bags, suitcases, and hardwares. It is located in the northeastern part of Yiwu.


Yiwu Airport is 6 km northwest of the city center. Transportation: shuttle buses and taxis.