Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, which is a vast area in Northwest China. Situated in north of Tianshan Mountain and south of Junggar Basin, Urumqi is 3,820 km or 2,368 mi west of Beijing, the westernmost major city of China. With a population of over two million, Urumqi is a city that combines modern development with the mixed ethnic cultures rich in the region. A good base for which to explore the natural and cultural wonders of Xinjiang.



  1. Great Shaaxi Monsque in Urumqi

    Located on Yonghe Zheng Lane, off Jiefang South Road, the Great Shaaxi Monsque is the largest Islamic house of worship in Urumqi. Originally built in the 18th century, the mosque was renovated and expanded at the beginning of the 20th century, mainly through the efforts of believers from Shaanxi Province - hence the name of the mosque. Unlike other mosques in Urumqi that demonstrate Central Asian influence, the Shaanxi Mosque adopted the architectural style of interior China, featuring green-tile roofs and upward-curving eaves.

  2. Heavenly Lake outside Urumqi

    Tiachi, the Heavenly Lake, is located 110 km east of Urumqi, in the Tianshan Mountains. Measuring 4.9 square km in area, the lake is 1,980 m (6,496 ft) above the sea-level. Rising above the lake is Mount Bogda, which has an elevation of 5,445 m (17,864 ft). Snow, pine trees and crystal clear water make Tianchi a beautiful sight. The Chinese often refer to lakes up in the mountains as Tianchi, so there are a few of them in the country. Another well-known lake by the same name is Tianchi located in Jilin Province.

  3. Red Hill Park

    Hong Shan or Red Hill sits in the heart of Urumqi. It is so called due to rock color. A tower on top of the hill makes a good place to see the city.

  4. Shuimogou ScenicArea

    The park is located in western Urumqi. Hot springs, golf courses, vineyards...

  5. South Mountain Scenic Area

    Located 65 km southwest of Urumqi, the South Mountain Scenic Area (Nanshan Fengjingqu) comprises vast grassland, snow covered mountains, whispering poplars, and the pastoral lifestyle of the local Kazakh people. This is about 40 km south of Urumqi.

  6. Urumqi Number One Glacier

    Urumqi Number One Glacier (Yihao Bingchuan) is 120 km southwest of Urumqi. It is a glacier that is closest to a major city in the world. Located on the slope of Mount Tiangar, at the elevation of 3,740-4,480 meters (12,270-14,698 ft), the glacier is 2.4 km in length and on average 500 meters in width. It is named "No. 1" because it is the largest of dozens of glaciers in the area. This is also the head-water of the Urumqi River.


Urumqi Diwopu International Airport is 15 northwest of the city. Transportation: shuttle buses, taxis, and city buses.