Located on the Hainan Island, Sanya is China's southernmost city. With its tropical climate and pristine environment, Sanya and vicinity have become a popular tourist resort in recent years.



  1. Dadonghai Beach

    Dadonghai - "Big East Sea" - is the stretch of beach on the southeastern edge of Sanya. Of the scenic areas around Sanya, this is the closest to the city, featuring a large number of hotels and other vacation facilities.

  2. Luhuitou Park

    Luhuitou - "Where the Deer Looks Back" - is a park located on a peninsula southeast of Sanya, inbetween Dadonghai Beach and the city. In the park a hill rises above downtown Sanya, where one can have a bird's view of the surrounding ocean, beaches, and the city.

  3. Sanya Nanshan Area of Cultural Tourism

    Sanya Nanshan Area of Cultural Tourism (Sanya Nanshan Wenhua Lyvyou Qu) is located 40 km west of Sanya, featuring tropical natural beauty as well as Buddhist culture. Standing at the seashore is a statue of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, that measures 108 meters (354 ft) in height. A specialty restaurant in the park offers over a wide variety of vegetarian dishes.

  4. Tianya Haijiao

    In Chinese, "Tianya Haijiao" means "Land's End." This refers to a spot that is supposedly the southernmost of Hainan, an island lying off the southern coast of China. The area is now a beach park that draws a large number of Chinese who want to have their pictures taken there. Tianya Haijiao is approximately 20 km west of Sanya.

  5. Xidao Marine Amusement Park

    Xidao is a small island about 10 minutes away from Tianya Haijiao on the coast. Xidao Marine Amusement Park offers fun activities such as sailing, scuba diving, parachuting, jet-skiing, fishing, and camping.

  6. Yalong Bay

    Yalong Bay (Yalong Wan) is a 10-km-long beach located 25 km east of Sanya. White sands, gentle waves, bright sunshine, clean ocean and fresh air make it a great place to relax and have some peaceful time. Vacationers can also engage in activities such as scuba diving, cliff-climbing and beach volleyball.


Sanyan Fenghuang International Airport is located 10 km west of the city. Transportation: shuttle buses, city buses, and taxis.