Located on the tip of Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is a popular resort city, known for its beautiful beach, seasonal weather, and nice urban architecture. People in the west may have heard of it without recognizing it - it's where Tsingtao beer comes from. The city started as a German colony at the end of the 19th century, hence the beer and the international atmosphere of the city.



  1. Badaguan District

    You won't find anything like city gates the name seems to suggest. Ba Da Guan - "Eight Great Gates" - merely refers to a district where several streets bear names with the term "Guan" in it. Still, it is a nice place to visit, which features a large number of Western villas built in the early 20the century, which bear witness to the colonial past of Qingdao.

  2. Lu Xun Park

    The park is named after a prominent Chinese essayist of the early 20th century, but that's in name only and the park itself is general in nature. One of the oldest park in Qingdao, it covers about 4 hectares of land and includes a stretch of prime waterfront in Qingdao. A short distance east of it there are Qingdao Aquarium and Qingdao Ocean World, and a little to west is the Naval Museum.

  3. Mt. Lao

    Mt. Lao or Lao Shan is 40 km east of Qingdao. Know the Known for its peaks, rocks, pine trees, and views of the sea, the mountain also has a strong religious tradition, as embodied by Daoist shrines such as Taiqing Palace. The highest peak rises up to 1,133 m, and this is the highest point on the whole of Chinese coast. The whole Mt. Lao Scenic Area comprises 440 square km.

  4. Number One Beach

    When you go to Qingdao, you go to the sea. Number One Bathing Beach (Di Yi Haishui Yuchang) is a popular spot. Qingdao Ocean World and Huiquan Square are nearby.

  5. Qingdao Aquarium

    Originally founded in the 1930s, Qingdao Aquarium (Qingdao Shuizuguan) is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in China. It consists of five exhibition halls and displays thousands of sea creatures from around the world. Qingdao Ocean World is next door.

  6. Qingdao International Beer Town

    Qingdao is known for Tsingtao Beer. "Tsingtao" is the old Western way to write "Qingdao," a city that started as a German colony at the end of the 19th century. The complex the Chinese call Pijiu Cheng is located a short distance east of Qingdao, at the stretch of the beach known as Shilaoren. It is often the site of various festivals, shows and other public events.

  7. Qingdao Naval Museum

    This is a new addition to the list of attractions in Qingdao, open to the public in 1991. Located just west of Lu Xun Park on the beach, the Qingdao Naval Museum (Qingdao Haijun Bowuguan) has 40,000 square meters of exhibition area and presenting ships, weapons, and other artifacts related to naval history.

  8. Xiao Qingdao

    Xiao Qingdao or Little Qingdao is a small island in the Qingdao Bay. It is also known as Qin Dao - "Zither Island," which refers to the shape of the island. On the island there is a lighthouse built in 1900, when Qingdao first became an important port. This is a good spot to view the skyline of Qingdao and while enjoying waves, seagulls, and sea breeze.

  9. Zhanqiao the Pier

    Zhanqiao, also known as Qianhai Zhanqiao, is a historical pier extends into the Qingdao Bay. Built in the 1890s, the pier became the symbol of Qingdao. Visitors can take a walk on the pier into the sea and look back at the city skylines.


Qingdao Liuting International Airport is 25 km north of the city center. Transportation: shuttle buses, city buses, and taxis.