Jiuzhaigou is a scenic area located in northwestern Sichuan, famous for its pristine streams, colorful lakes and green hills. "Jiuzhaigou" means Nine Village Valley, as along the valley - a total of 50 km in length - there are nine Tibetan hamlets. Jiuzhaigou is a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



  1. Huanglong Scenic Area

    Huanglong is a scenic area 40 km south of Jiuzhaigou, known for its colorful lakes, snow-capped mountains and virgin forests. The highest point of the scenic area is above 5500 m or 18,000 ft.

  2. Rize Valley

    Rize Valley branches off to the right at the end of Shuzheng Valley in in Jiuzhaigou. About 18 km in length, Rize Valley is the most striking part of Jiuzhaigou, with views of snow-covered mountains, old-grow forest, and crystal-clear ponds.

  3. Shuzheng Valley

    This is the main valley that one enters upon arrival at Jiuzhaigou. It is about 14 km in length and is relatively open, holding a string a few of large lakes. Going north and upstream in the valley, at its end one encounters Nuorilang Falls, which measure 20 m in height and over 300 m in width.

  4. Zechawa Valley

    Zechawa Valley (Zechawa Gou) leads off in the direction of northwest at the northern end of Shuzheng Valley in Jiuzhaigou. This is the lesser of the three valleys in Jiuzhaigou, although it is still quite impressive. Along the way one comes across the Seasonal Lake (Jijie Hai), Five-color Pond (Wucai Chi), and at the end of the valley there lies the Long Sea (Chang Haizi), which is 7.5 km in length and over 80 m in depth.


Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport is 88 km from Jiuzhaigou and 43 km from Huanglong. Transportation: shuttle buses.