Located in southwestern China, Guilin is known for its natural beauty, especially the spectacular karst landscape on the banks of the Li River.



  1. Diecai Mountain

    Scenic peaks in the northern part of Guilin, on the bank of the Li River. Diecai means "Folded Brocade".

  2. Li River Cruise

    The Li River flows through Guilin and beyond. The stretch of the river from Guilin to the downstream town Yangshuo, 80 km in length, offers beautiful views of misty water, peculiarly shaped green hills and peaceful countryside. A cruise down the river feels like drifting through a picturesque corridor. Among the sights and attractions along the river are Elephant Trunk Hill, Pagoda Hill, Daxu Old Town, Mopanshan Wharf, Zhujiang Wharf, Wangfu Rock, Crown Cave, Yangdi, Mural Hill, Xingping Town and Snail Hill.

  3. Ludi Cave

    Located 5 km northwest of downtown Guilin, Ludi Cave (Ludi Yan - "Lute Reed Cave") is one of the two well-known karst caves in the region, with some impressive dripstone views.

  4. Seven-Star Cave

    Seven-Star Cave (Qixing Yan) is a karst cave in Guilin. Hidden in the Putuo Hill that stands east of the Liver River, the cave is approximately one km in length, 49 m at its widest, and 27 m at its highest. This is part of the Qixing Yan Park.

  5. Yangshuo

    A small town on the Li River, 85 km downstream from Guilin, Yangshuo is the terminal of most Li River cruises that start from Guilin. It is also a nice place with numerous beautiful views of its own, which in recent time have attracted many tourists as well as artists seeking for inspiration. On Xijie or West Street, a large number of restaurants and bars cater to visitors.


Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is 25 km southwest of Guilin. Transportation: shuttle busses and taxis.