Dalian is a coastal city located on the tip of the Liaodong Peninsula in Northeast China. Started as a Russian colony at the end of the 19th century, Dalian today is a popular holiday destination, known for its scenery as well as its economic and cultural energy.



  1. Bingyu Geological Park and Vacational Resort

    Bingyu is a scenic area and national geological park 150 km northeast of Dalian. The beautiful mountains, deep valleys, clear streams and cool breeze in the region make it a nice destination of summer retreat and hiking.

  2. Binhai Road

    Binhai Lu is a scenic road runs along the coast south and east of Dalian. About 40 km in length, the road offers numerous views of the region. It strings together attractions such as Donghai Park, Bangchui Island, Laohutan Ocean Park, Forest Park, Seashell Museum, Xinhai Park and Dalian Natural Museum.

  3. Dalian Forest Zoo

    Occupying 7 square kilometers of land, Dalian Forest Zoo presents over 1,000 animals in 130 species, including the panda, Indian elephant, chimpanzee, golden monkey, snow leopard and red-crowned crane. The nature-friendly zoo is located south of Dalian.

  4. Jinshitan Sightseeing and Vacational Resort

    Jinshitan (Golden Rock Beach) is 60 km northeast of Dalian. It is a nationally designated scenic zone and vacational resort. Measured 60 square km in area, Jinshitan attracts visitors with sandy beach, blue ocean, green forest and the golden rocks that gave the park its name - "Jinshitan" means "golden rock beach." Euqally appealing are facilities such as golf courses and a theme park called Kingdom of Discovery.

  5. Laohutan Ocean Park

    Laohutan Ocean Park is located on the southeastern beach of Dalian. It comprises 300 acres of land, with 4-km long coastal line. Among attractions are Coral Hall, Polar Marine Animals Hall (the largest of its kind in the world), and Tiger Sculpture Square ("Laohutan" means "tiger beach").

  6. Lyushun Port

    Originally built as a port by the Russians as a naval base, Lyushun is an outlying district of Dalian, 45 km southwest of Dalian. The city was a key battle point in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05, which ended with the Japanese capture of the port. After the Japanese surrender in 1945, Soviet Russian navy returned and stayed until 1955, when China reclaimed Lyushun. Among reminders of Lushun's colonial past is Baiyushan Tower, "Tower on Baiyu Hill," built by the Japanese in 1909 for its war-dead, which today serves as a viewing platform. Also of interest to visitors are Fort Dianyanshan and Northern Fort of Dongjiguanshan, where Krupp-made big cannons and other armaments can still be seen.

  7. Sun Asia Ocean World

    This is a ocean park with a subsea and sea floor theme. The central piece of the park is an underwater tunnel aquarium that is over 100 meter long, equipped with a moving passage. The park also offers submarine tours, an underwater pyramid, a shark island as well as dolphin shows. The theme park is located next to Xinghai Park southwest of central Dalian. A sister attraction, Sun Asia Polar Park,is next door.

  8. Xinghai Square

    Located 5 km south of central Dalian and occupying 435 acres of land, Xinghai Square (Xinghai Guangchang) is the largest square in any city of China. Paved with marbles in Red (colors of legendary ancestors of China, Yandi and Huangdi), the square has national unity as its theme. Leading south is a corridor lined with sculptures featuring the century-long history of Dalian, and further beyond is the beach. At the northern end of the square there is Dalian World Expo Center. Around the square one also finds the Modern Museum (Xiandai Bowuguan) and the Seashell Museum (Beike Bowuguan).


Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is located 10 km northwest of Dalian. Transportation: shuttle buses, city buses, and taxis.