Chongqing is one of the four provincial-level cities (the other three are Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin). Located on the upper streem of the Yangzi River, Chongqing is a major economic center of southwestern China. Not far downstream from Chongqing is the Three Gorges, now partly drenched in the world's biggest reservoir.



  1. Chaotianmen Dock

    Two rivers, the Jiangling and the Yangzi, converge at Chongqing - more specifically, at Chaotianmen. Quite logically Chaotianmen became a dock where where ships big and small dock and depart. The land just above the dock is a large public space, where people walk and take a look at the city that rise above the twin rivers.

  2. Eling Park

    The park sits on a hilltop that is part of the mountain that separate the Jialing and the Yangzi rivers. Greens, pavilions, viewing platforms, and local folks play cards and mahjong under the shades of trees.

  3. Liberation Monument Square

    Even though "Jiefangbei" means "Liberation Monument," people generally use the refer to the area surrounding the particular structure, which has become the busiest and most fashionable commercial and entertainment center of Chongqing. Ironic, in a way, given the political significance of the Liberation Monument.

  4. North Hot Spring

    North Hot Spring (Bei Wenquan) is 50 km north of Chongqing, on the bank of the Jialing River. It is part of the Jinyunshan Scenic Zone. Evidently the main attraction here are the hot springs.

  5. Pibashan Park

    Mt. Piba (Piba Shan), at the elevation of 345 meters, is the highest point of in the old section of Chongqing. One can climb up the hill and take a stroll to take in some cool air. Many residents come here with their pet birds.

  6. Solitary Tree on South Hill

    Solitary Tree on South Hill (Nanshan Yi Ke Shu) is a term refering to a high spot on the southern side of Chongqing. A viewing tower stands here, from which one can take a panoramic view of the city below, especially in the evening when the lights of Chonging are turned on. It is a short bus or taxi ride from the city.


Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is 23 km northeast of the city center. Transportation: shuttle buses and taxis.