The best way to get to Guangdong Jieyang Quxi

Q: Hi everyone. I just found out about this blog. I am planning of bringing my father to ????????? (Guangdong Sheng Jieyang Xian Quxi Shi). He is already 77 years old. He wanted to visit the place where he lived for short while when he was very young. Anyone can help to advice on the best way getting there? We will be travelling from Kuala Lumpur.

The destination you refer to is located in the eastern part of Guangdong Province. It is about 500 km east of Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province. It is 20 km west of Chaozhou and 40 km north of Shantou, Chaozhou and Shantou being two larger cities in the region.

The information you provided about the destination is not fully accurate. Quxi is not a city. It is a township. Also, there is no longer Jieyang County; there is now Jieyang City and Jiedong County. Quxi is a town of Jiedong County. We can put it like this: Guangdong Province > Jieyang City > Jiedong County > Quxi Township. The Seat of the Jieyang city government in in Rongcheng District, which is a few kilometers from Qxi, which is the sea of the Jiedong county government. The two places are respectively on the southern and northern side of the Rong River.

You can fly to Shantou Waisha Airport and go to Quxi from there. There are flights to Shantou Airport from Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. From Singapore it is a 4-hour flight to Shantou. From Hong Kong and Guangzhou, one hour or so.

From Shantou Airport to Jiedong it is a trip of an hour and thirty-minutes or so, by bus or car. If you do not have your own local transportation, you can go by taxi and bus. If you take a taxi at the airport to go to Quxi directly. The cost for the taxi ride should be in the range of 140-200 Chinese dollars, but you have to negotiate with the taxi driver to get that fare. An alternative is take a taxi to get to either Shantou or Chaozhou nearby and take a long distance bus to go to Jieyang or Jiedong. The taxi ride from the airport to Shantou or Chaozhou is about 20 Chinese dollars, and the bus ride to Jieyang/Jiedong doesn't cost much, 15 Chinese dollars or so per person. Of course you need to take your father's advanced age into consideration.

From Shantou you can also go by train to Jieyang. Train ride time is short of one hour. Three or four trains leave in the morning and one train leaves at about 6:00 in the evening.

Actually, if you fly into Guangzhou, you can travel by train from Guangzhou to Jieyang. Train travel time from Guangzhou to Jieyang is 6 to 7 hours. One trains leaves in the early morning and two depart in the afternoon. One departs from Guangzhou Railway Station and two go from Guangzhou East Railway Station. Train ride makes a longer trip than flying, of course. If you travel this way, you probably should see if you can secure soft sleeper berths. Tickets, however, may be hard to come by. A soft-sleeper ticket costs about 300 Chinese dollars. A hard sleeper ticket, about 200.

There are also long distance buses from Guangzhou to Jieyang. Coach ride time is 6 hours or so.

About 100 km north of Jieyang there is Meixian Airport, which has air link with Hong Kong. The airport is farther away than Shantou Airport, of course.

A new airport is being built in the middle of the triangle made of Jieyang, Shantou and Chaozhou, about 20 km to each of the three cities. The airport may come into use in a couple of years.


Thank you very much for the info. It is very useful! By the way, I need more details about the location of the ?? in Quxi Township. Our family name is ?. Do let me know if more details is needed to find out the place. Is there only one ?? in the town or many?

I searched online and found these two places which seems to be related to what I am looking for (, one is ????????? and another one is ???????????. Please advise, many thanks!

My second question is that, if we choose to take long distance bus from Guangzhou to Jieyang, how far and what is the cost of taking a cab from Jieyang to Quxi?

From the heart of Jieyang to Quxi it is about 10 km, so the trip can be easily managed. There should even be city buses, although that means of transportation is not recommended.

Based on the website you mentioned, it seems that you're looking for information on the Wu clan based in Quxi. There is some info on the web, even though some of the particular links on the web page you provided are not working.

Here is another website where you'll find some info on the Wu clan in Quxi. Some relevant pages include the following: the naming convention of the Qixu Wu clan, a few images, the distribution of the Wu clan in the Chaozhou area, the Wu family teachings, and a little info on the Quxi Wu family temple. The web pages are in Chinese, so you'll need to adjust the encoding setting of your web browser to see them properly.

Over here, you'll find a 4-part video about the Wu clan in Quxi - part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

Unfortunately the Chinese characters you provided in your post did not show. Images of the characters may work.