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I'm Hanniel Park in Korea. I plan to visit China for 6 days next week.

I'll be going to Bejing for two and Shanghai for the other four.

I need some advice on the rules to keep in China.

I also need to know the extreme punishments if I break the rules.

Additionally, it would be best to know the rules which are enforced only in China.

I need your advice soon.

I hoep to receive them soon. Please help me. Thank You.

Nowadays China is a rather free-going country socially and does not have many laws or rules that do not exist, say, in the Western countries. Most foreign travelers would have no problems with the laws of the country. There are notable exceptions, which concern those who go to China for purposes other than travel or work. One is narcotics smuggling. The punishment for drugs traffic can be severe, up to death penalty. In the past few years a number of foreign drugs smugglers were executed. 

Also, it may not be clearly written in the law, but foreign missionary work or proselytizing (for Christianity, for example) without approval is not permitted. The Chinese policy on this issue is the so-called Three-Self: Self-Governance, Self-Support, and Self-Propagation. Foreigners who enter China as tourists or workers or students but engage in missionary work may find themselves in conflict the regulations of the country. General religious practice (attending church, etc.) is not a problem.

Some other issues that may be sensitive include Taiwan, Tibet, China's relationship with North Korea and so on. Again, if it is just some casual talk, some Chinese may not like what you say, but they know it's just talk, and it won't  get you in trouble with the government. Nowadays most Chinese, even the government, have quite different issues on their mind, the economy, money-making, education of children. If you actively promote a political cause that the Chinese does not like, that's when you may find yourself in trouble. How many people would go to China for just ten days to promote a political cause?

Overall, the main concern is political stability. If you have no particular political agenda and stay clear of such issues, you should find China a rather open and free-going place.

As for customs, nothing particular sticks out. Just observe how people around you behave, do not do anything rash, and you'll be fine.

Thank you for the good and quick answer.

I believe it will help.

Have a great day.

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