Staying in hotel near Beijing airport

If I spend two to three days in Beijing and stay at a hotel near the Beijing Airport, how convenient would it be to travel from there to 798 Art District? Subway, shuttle bus, taxi? Or should I stay at hotels in the city to avoid the trips? I heard one can go express train between the city and the airport. And how far is it from 798 Art District to China International Exhibition Center?

If you need to make daily trips to the city, you probably would be better off if you stay in a hotel that is close to your particular destination. From Beijing International Airport to 798 Art District it is about a dozen km or so. You will need to take taxis. Airport Express trains have no stop where you intend to go. The closest stop would be Sanyuanqiao on the Third Betlway, but that is 5 km or so farther than you need to go. Airport shuttle buses have not stops at 798 District either.

Also, hotels are not right next to airport terminals. To board either the airport express trains or airport express buses, you’ll have to make a short trip from your hotel to the terminals. Capital Airport Hotel Beijing has shuttle services to take guests to the terminals, no so sure about other hotels. If not, you’ll need to take cabs, even though it will be just a ride of a few minutes to the terminals.

As for CIEC, there is a new facility located a couple of km from Beijing Airport. If that’s where you intend to go, it pays to stay close to the airport. The old China International Exhibition Center is located on the northwestern corner of the Third Beltway, about half a km from the Sanyuanqiao stop on the Airport Express line. It would work it you take the Airport Express to go to that place.

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