How to travel to Heng Shan Wei Cun near Puning City, Jieyang, Guangdong


Appreciate if you can advise me of the ways to get to Heng Shan Wei Cun (????) near Puning ????City, Jieyang ????? Guangdong either from Jieyang Chaoshan Airport or Shantou Waisha Airport?

I will be carrying luggages so I hope you can recommend whether should I stay in Jieyang city or Puning City and then travel to Heng Shan Wei Cun?  I just hope to visit Heng Shan Wei Cun for one day.

Thank you very much.



The Chinese characters you entered didn't show up properly, but my guess is that you're asking about 广东省揭阳市普宁市南径镇横山尾村. That is Hengshanwei Cun, Nanjing Township, Puning City, of Jieyang City, in Guangdong Province. This village is about 60 km west of Shantou, about 35 km northeast of Puning, and about 40 km south of Jieyang. It is about 75 km west of Shantou Waisha Airport. The new Chaoshan Airport is located on the other side of Rong Jiang (the Rong River), and to get Hengshanwei Cun, one will need to go through Shantou or Jieyang to get around. In any event, Chaoshan Airport does not seem to be operating yet. It is said that it will open for service at the end of November. But again, the distance from Shantou Airport and Chaoshan Airport to your destination village is roughly the same.

We don't know if there are buses that go from Shantou to Hengshnwei Cun since it's a small place. You should check with the bus stations in Shantou. The village is located off a high way (S237). If you have luggage with you, you should probably consider hiring a taxi that can take you directly to where you want to go. To do so you need to negotiate with a taxi driver as it is out of town long distance. You should only deal with clearly marked licensed cabs; safety is important. Taxi cost, ¥100-120? Not sure. Shouldn't be a lot more than this because people can hire a cab  for about ¥120to go from Shantou to Puning, which is a little farther away than where you're going.

Oh, I see you're thinking about staying in either Jieyang or Puning. There is no big difference between the two places; Hengshan Wei Cun is somewhere in between the two cities. 

Hi CTA Man,

Deeply appreciate your kind sharing.  This is extremely good information.  I'm thinking of renting a cab for maybe half a day to drive to Heng Shan Wei Cun and then back to maybe Jieyang or Shantou.  How much do you think it'll cost me?

Thanks again,