Staying in a hotel with my Girl Friend

Hello, I am planning to come to China in a few months to meet my girl friend (a Chinese National and I'm a westerner). She is worried about the laws of us staying in a hotel room in Beijing together.

I am planning on booking a 3 or 4 star hotel and need to know if it is alright to stay together in the same room as long as we both register or if there will be problems doing so?


Hi there,

In practice if one registers and checks into a hotel room and bring in his or her friend, few people will make it an issue and challenge it. If two unmarried persons of opposite sexes go to register to share one room, especially one Chinese and one foreigner, the hotel may make an issue of it and may not allow it. This may be the issue your girl friend referred to. Some people would thus register individually and bring friend over counting on the hotel will not be so vigilant about it. But there is the possibility that the hotel or, in an unlikely senario for a decent hotel, police will make an issue of it. In that event, if the two of you can show that you know each other and are indeed friends, it may not be all that bad. Some people choose to be upfront about it and tel the hotel that they are friends and want to register and check in together. Is there a law banning unmarried couples staying in one hotel room? Our impression is that  there is not. In the past, however, some hotels would not let two unmarried persons stay in one hotel room. Some hotels may still do this out of habits. Generally the Chinese society is rather liberal now, especially in the cities, but certain regulations and official practices are still in place.

So your girl frien has some reason to be queezy about staying together in a hotel room. Still arrangement can be made if you two want to do so.

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