Wholesale markets for bags

Q: Hello, I am looking for wholesale BAGS markets in China. I am interested in fashionable but affordable price items for europe ( not brand copy... though). Thanks in advance.

Markets specializing in bags, suitecases and leather goods can be found in Chinese cities that are known as wholesale centers for other products and goods. In Guangzhou, Shiling Zhen (Shiling Township), in Huadu District, is known for leather goods. Contact - tel.: 86-20-86917717, 86917727; email: inf@cslleather.com; website: www.cslleather.com. Also in Guangzhou, there are a number of markets specializing in bags, suitecases, and leather goods generally. One of them is Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Goods Trade Center (Zone D, Jinguiyuan, No. 1000 Jiefang Bei Lu, Guangzhou, China 510405; tel.: 020-86-86268110; fax: 020-86-268818). There are a few markets like this; for example, Guangzhou Zhong-Gang Piju Cheng (China-Hong Kong Leather Goods Market), or Yisen Piju Cheng (Yisen Leather Goods Market), both of which are located on Jiefang Bei Lu.

In Yiwu in Zhejiang Province, bags are among the goods sold through the large numbers of the markets in the region. There is, for example, a section specializing in suitecases and bags in Yiwu Guoji Shangmao Cheng II (Yiwu International Trade City II).

In North China, a large production and wholesale center for bags and suitecases is Baigou, which is located about 100 km south of Beijing. Baigou is a township, with a population of 100,000. There are hundreds (some say thousands) of shops engaged in making and sale of bags and suitcases over there. In fact, some people say that about one-fourth or one-third bags and cases in China are dealt through the Baigou markets. Baigou is part of Gaobeidian City in Hebei Province. Tel.: 86-312-2881606.

Some exhibitions or fairs featuring suitecases are held now and then in various Chinese cities. For instance, there seems one coming up in Dongguan outside Guangzhou in late October 09. This would be the third time this fair is held. It coincides with the much larger annual Guangzhou Fair, a fact may or may not be a plus for you - tens of thousands of businessmen attend the Guangzhou Fair every year. The bags and suitcase fair seems to be organized by a company called Guangzhou Yijia Exhibition Service. They have the following contact information: Suite 910, Zhongzhou Guoji Shangwu Zhongxin, No. 1066 Xingang Dong Lu, Guangzhou, China 510335; Tel.: 86-20-89231183; fax: 86-20-89236983; exhibition contact: Mr. Wang (136 5086 1161); media contact: Ms. Zhong (136 3144 2271); email: yijiafair@126.com. They have a website, but their English page does not seem to be working (which makes you wonder), but you may find it useful somehow: www.chinabagsfair.com.cn

In Shanghai, a similar fair will be held in May 2010 (The 7th Shanghai International Cases, Boxes and Handbags Exhibit. This coincides with the much anticipated Shanghai 2010 Expo, which is expected to attract large numbers of visitors (and drive hotel rates up). For info on the Shanghai bags and cases fair, contact: Shanghai YH Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., F/20, No.5 Building, Lane 251, Caoxi Rd., Shanghai, China 200235; tel: 86-21-64827889; fax:86-21-51714666; email:shyhzl@163.com. They have a website too, the English version of which, surprise, does not offer much information: www.cshbox.com


Thanks! I find this his info is very useful. What about the same type of markets this time for raffia or other similar materials? I think Qingdao may be the right place to go to... is that right? Which could be the best way to get there from Guangzhou ior Hong Kong? Thanks!

We're not aware of wholesale markets specifically for woven goods made of materials such as raffia. Such products can be found at the major wholesale markets for small goods. For example, at China Small Commodities City in Yiwu, you can find items such as this: Qingdao has a long history of textile industry and is known for related goods. It is also a port, so foreign trade has also been important there. The province in which Qingdao is located, is active in the production of woven goods made of diverse materials. A large whole sale center for small goods in general in the region, not in Qingdao but some distance from it, is Linyi. Linyi is about 300 km west of Qingdao. It is to this part of China as Yiwu is to the region south of here. One can travel by train or bus from Qingdao to Linyi in about 4 hours. You can also fly from Qingdao to Linyi, but it doesn't seem to be worth the trouble - a flight that is about 35 minutes.

To travel from Guangzhou or Hong Kong to Qingdao, you can fly. From Guangzhou, you can fly or, if you do not mind the length of the trip, go by train. There are 3 or so daily flights from Hong Kong to Qingdao (Liuting Airport), operated by Dragonair, Cathay Pacific, and China Eastern. There are more flights from Guangzhou to Qingdao. It costs about 700-1,400 Chinese dollars to fly from Guangzhou to Qingdao.

There is one direct train from Guangzhou (Guangzhou East Railway Station) to Qingdao, but this is a long train ride. The train departs in the afternoon and arrives in the evening the next day. The trip lasts over 28 hours and covers some 2,500 km. You definitely needs a sleeping berth if you decide to go this way. Train travel cost is about one half or one third of a flight from Guangzhou to Qingdao (300-400 Chinese dollars).

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