Please Advice Me.. Thanks

I wish to visit GuangZhou..

But I wondered there wont be any new handbag product after just finish Chinese New Year, Please advice me.. normally which month the factory will launch many new handbag design and product, because I really wish to go there in the correct month.

Looking forward for your reply, Thanks

Stores and factories generally reopen for business about one week after the Chinese New Year. The Spring Festival this year was February 3. Large numbers of works do go back to their hometowns for the holiday, but this shouldn't have a noticeable effect on companies putting out new products since the cycles, designing, etc., are longer. We don't know in what particular months new products come out. Producers speak of "Spring-Summer season" and "Autumn-Winter season," but they may not mean much when one tries to decide when to go to Guangzhou. You may want to look into if there are any handbag fairs scheduled in Guangzhou in the coming year; that would be a good indication of the producers are putting out. For example, it seems that in March 2011 there will be this fair in Guangzhou, "International Leather Bags Materials Machinery Fair." This may not be exactly the sort of things you're looking for, but the fair organizers do mention that new handbags will be part of their exhibition. In Shanghai, in May 2011, there will be "the 8th Shanghai International Cases and Boxes and Handbags Exhibition" (May 17-19). You may want to look into such events to see what you can make of them.

Hi Mister..

So "International Leather Bags Materials Machinery Fair" will be on March?

And I hear people say Canton Fair on 15April - 30April is it true?

March have Bags Fair, April have crouded Canton Fair, then I will consider 10-22 April to visit GuangZhou.

And how about Yiwu? I hear they are very popular of imitation jewelry wholesale, do they have big handbag wholeasale like GuangZhou? ,And how to go to Yiwu from GuangZhou?

Thank you in advance.

Canton Fair 2011 are divided into three phrases. From April 15 to April 19 it is largely for machinery, etc.. From April 23 to April 27 it will be mostly for household items, furniture, decoration, etc. From May 1 to May 5, it will be products such as clothing and fashion accessories, including cases and bags. You may want to look into this so that you'll be visiting when the goods you're looking for are on display at Canton Fair if this fair is your main interest.

Yiwu is known as a major small goods distribution center in China. Cases and handbags are among the goods dealt there. In terms of fashion, it may not be as current as Guangzhou since the latter is closer to Hong Kong. But Yiwu is a tremendous place with small goods generally. Yiwu Small Goods Wholesale Market is (China Small Goods City), the main draw there, attracts a couple of hundred thousand visitors everyday. The market is divided into four areas, and cases and bags seem to be Area 2.

Yiwu is about 300 km southwest of Shanghai. It is about 1,400 km northeast of Guangzhou. You can fly from Guangzhou to Yiwu. Flight time is short of 2 hours. Airfare is around ¥1,200 (of course it depends on when you travel and how you book). If you go by train, from Guangzhou to Yiwu it is about 15 hours (need to get sleeping berths). From Shanghai to Yiwu one can travel by train or bus and travel time is 3 hours or so.

May First is a National Holiday in China when people get a few days off from work. So there will be more people traveling. Keep this in mind as you purchase your flight/train tickets, etc., if you intend to travel inside china then.

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