need to plan a trip in some cities in china

hello, i am indian resident. shortly i am planning a trip to china.i need to visit wenzhou, shenzen, chengsa and shaoxing. i will reach shanghi by flight. help me in planning my train travell in such cities in the visiting order so that finally i reach shanghai. thanks

Of the cities on your list, Shaoxing is approximately 250 km southwest of Shanghai; Wenzhou is about 350 km farther south of Shaoxing. These cities are in East China. Shenzhen down on the southern coast of China, near Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Road distance between Shanghai and Shenzhen is approximately 1,800 km.

We do not recognize "Chengsa"; you probably misspelled.

From Shanghai you can travel south to visit your cities, in the order of Shaoxing, Wenzhou and Shenzhen. Then you can return from Shenzhen to Shanghai. Depending on your schedule, you can of course travel in the reverse order, please go directly from Shanghai and then move north by way of Wenzhou and Shaoxing.

By "Chengsa" do you "Changsha"? The city of Changsha is in central-south China, about 1,000 km north of Shenzhen. If Changsha is the city you have in mind, you can travel that city after or before your visit of Shenzhen.

You can travel between Shaoxing and Shanghai by long distance coach or train. There should be many buses running between Shanghai and Shaoxing. Bus ride time is about 2.5 hours. If you go by one of these D trains, the trip takes just short of two hours. One-way train ticket costs Y70-80. Bus fare roughly the same.

You can also take a bus or a train to go between Shaoxing and Wenzhou. Train travel time is 2.5-3 hours; train tickets costs about Y130-140. If you go by bus, travel time is approximately 5 hours and bus fare is Y120 or so.

From Wenzhou to Shenzhen you should fly. There are three or four daily flights between Wenzhou and Shenzhen, operated by Shenzhen Airline, China Southern Airline and Shandong Airline. One way flight costs about Y800-1,200

There are many flights between Shenzhen and Shanghai. Depending how and when you book your flights, one way flight may cost Y500-1,400.

If Changsha is on your itnierary, you can fly from Wenzhou to get to Changsha. There three or so daily flights between Wenzhou and Changsha. One way ticket costs Y650-800. From Changsha you can then fly on to Shenzhen. One way fare is Y550-750. Airfares vary greatly depending on when you travel and when you book.

When you first fly in from your home country to Shanghai, it is most likely you arrive at Shanghai Pudong Airport. If it is your intention to fly home immediately upon your return to Shanghai and you're flying into Shanghai (from Shenzhen, Changsha, etc), you may want to make sure that your flight is to Pudong Airport instead Hongqiao Airport, which is the other airport of Shanghai.

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