Travel by train from gzhou to meixian

Q: What is the most comfortable and fastest train to go to Meixian?

Do you mean from Guangzhou to Meixian? There are three trains that connect Guangzhou and Meixian. The trains depart from Guangzhou Dong Zhan (Guangzhou East Station). The railway station for Meixian is Meizhou Zhan (Meizhou Station). Meizhou is a prefectural-level city and Mexian is part of Meizhou City. The three trains depart from Guangzhou Dong at 08:26, 19:08 and 19:22 respectively. They run roughly at the same speed, getting from Guangzhou to Meizhou in approximately five and a half hour. The distance between Guangzhou and Meizhou is 430 km. All of the three trains are air-conditioned. There are tickets for hard seats, soft seats, hard sleeping berths and soft sleeping berths. A soft sleeping berth ticket costs about ¥180. A hard seat ticket costs about one-third of that. Depending on where you're going in Meizhou or Meixian, it may not be very convenient for you to arrange local transportation if you take the evening trains.

There are flights from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Meixian Airport. Fare is about ¥500. Flight time is about 50 minutes. Of course one needs to figure in the time needed to get to and from the airports.

Also, you can take long distance bus to get from Guangzhou to Meizhou. Coach travel time is about four hours. Cost is about ¥180. These buses should also be air-conditioned and should go by freeway instead of making a lot of local stops. There should be quite a few them departing from various bus stations in Guangzhou during daytime.


Is it safe to go to meizhou by bus?

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Long distance bus is a common means of travel in China and it is generally safe to go by it. There are many departures on a given day. You may not, however, want to travel into remote parts of the country all by yourself if you don't know the areas too well, or display valuables on your way, or travel alone by yourself. You do need to watch out for pick-pockets and thieves. In most cases, it is quite safe to travel by long distance bus. If there is any crime, it tends to be property-related.