Travel from Shanghai to Taizhou

Q: I want to go to Taizhou by bus from Shenghai and I need fair & time details.

As noted else where, there are two cities named Taizhou in China.

Taizhou in Jiangsu Province is approximately 275 km northwest of Shanghai. You should be able to find buses at many long distance bus stations in Shanghai (such as Shanghai Qiche Keyuan Zongzhan - Shanghai Bus Passenger Transportation General Station) that go to Taizhou over there. Bus ride time is about 3 hours and bus fare ¥70 or so. There is also a train that connects Shanghai and Taizhou. It departs before noon time and arrives in the afternoon; train ride time is about 6 hours.

Taizhou in Zhejiang Province is approximately 500 km south of Shanghai. There is now train links between Shanghai and Taizhou. About 6 trains depart from Shanghai South Railway Station that stop at Taizhou. Departures are from 11:30 am through the evening. Train ride time is about 3.5-4 hours. First-class train ticket is 185 yuan and second-class 155 yuan. Taizhou is consisted of several outlying districts. The main train station is the one located in Huangyan District, which is about 15 km from Jiaojiang District (city center).

You should be able to find Taizhou-bound buses at various long distance bus stations in Shanghai. Bus ride time is over 5 hours and bus fare is about 150 yuan. You should be able, for example, to find bus that go to Jiaojiang District at Shanghai Qiche Keyun Zong Zhan (Shanghai Bus Passenger Transportation General station), Hutie Changtu (Hutie Long Distance) or Hudong Keyun Zhan (Hudong Passenger Transportation Station). You should also be able to find buses with other Taizhou districts as destinations (Huangyan or Luqiao, for example).

You can also fly from Shanghai to Taizhou. There are is one flight from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (7:30 am, by China Eastern Airlines) and one flight from Shanghai Pudong Airport (14:50 pm, by Juneyao Airlines). Arrival airport is Taizhou Huangyan Airport. Flight time is 50 minutes. Fares range from 550 to 750 yuan.


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