Buy Maternity Clothes in Bulks in Guangzhou

Q: Hi, I plan to visit Guangzhou in a month's time and would like to find out where the best places to purchase maternity clothes in bulk are...

In Guangzhou, there are a number of stores specializing in children's and women's clothing on zhongshan Ba Lu (Eigth Zhongshan Road). Zhongshan Road is a street that extends through the heart of Guangzhou, in the direction of east-west, the different sections of which are identified Fifth Zhong Road, Sixth Zhongshan Road, etc. Eight Zhongshan Road is its western section. This is the part of Zhongshan Road that lies between Inner Belt Way (Neihuan Lu) and the Chenjiasi Station on Subway Line 1.

On this street there is Zhong Ba Children's Clothing Plaza (Zhong Ba Tongzhuang Fuying Yongpin Guangchang - Zhong Ba Plaza for clothes and Other Goods for Children, Babies and Women). It is in Lihu Building (Lihu Dasha), located at Nos. 97-101 Zhongshan Ba Lu (Eighth Zhongshan Road).

Not too far away from Lihu Building is Fuli Children's World (Fuli Ertong Shijie). It is located at No. 61 Eighth Zhongshan Road. Tel.: (020) 8135 6561.

Also in Guangzhou, at No. 135 West Beltway (Huanshi Xi Lu), there are a number of stores featuring women's and children's goods. Similar stores can also be found on Uppler Nine Road (Shang Jiu Lu) and Lower Nine Road (Xia Jiu Lu).

About 25 km southwest of Guangzhou is Foshan, where there are a number of large markets for children's and women's clothing. There is, for example, Huanshi Children's Clothing City. It is said that many manufacturers of children's clothes wholesale their goods over here. It is located on Chaoan Nan Lu (Chaoan South Road), in the Huanshi Township of Foshan.

Jiancun is another place in Foshan where children's and womens clothes are wholesaled. However, it is said that the place is under renovation. It is not clear how this has affected the business there.

About one hour southeast of Guangzhou is Humen, which is a township under the city of Dongguan. Humen is known for its clothing industry. On Yinglong Road (Yinglong Lu), for example, this is Fumin Tongzhuang Cheng (Fumin Children's Clothing City).

In the past two years, Guangzhou has hosted trade fairs featuring clothes for babies and women. In 2008, the fair took place in September. The event may take place again in 2009. You may want to find out if that's the case.


Thanks alot for the very detailed response. will be sure to visit these places.


I'm going to China this Christmas. I wonder if you have a list of stores selling only maternity clothes in Guangzhou. It's not necessary wholesale stores.

Appreciate your reply.


Thank you.