Group Traveling from Hoong Kong to Meizhou

Q: We will be a group of 20 who will be travelling to MEIZHOU from hong kong from the 14 to 17 September. Can you advise what will be the best way to travel. Can we have a private bus through a travel agent or take the train. what will be the cost and the travel time. Thanks.

There are flights between Hong Kong and Meixian Airport, operated by China Southern Airlines, but they're twice a week, on Monday and Friday. You can fly on Sept. 17, 2010, which is a Friday but not Sept. 14, which is a Tuesday.

There are also coach services between Hong Kong (Kowloon) and Meizhou. You'll find a little more information about this here, here, here, and here. There you'll also find some info about traveling from Shenzhen or Guangzhou to Meizhou, by train, bus or flight.

If you travel by coach, you can either get tickets to go by an existing bus service, or make a special arrangement with the bus service provider, or go to one of these auto rental businesses and try to get a vehicle for yourselves. For 700-1,000 Chinese dollars you can probably get a van along with a driver to serve your own group. The issue is to get a vehicle big enough for your use. They should have vans that can carry 16 people or so; yours is a group of 20. There are quite a few such car rental businesses around in Hong Hong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou and you can look around to see if they're for you. Given the size of your group, having your own vehicle may be the most economical and convenient way to travel around. One of these car rental businesses is Shenzhen Yuegangtong Car Rental Co., which can be reached in Hong Kong at 00852-51689001 and in Shenzhen at 0755-83530128. Another such business is Shengang Zhitong Business Car Rental Co., which can be reached at 0755-83333348 and 13425190200. You may run into a language problem, so be prepared. Maybe start with the businesses in Hong Kong, where most peoople speak some English, although prices there may also be somewhat higher.


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