Travelling from Guangzhou Airport to Shantou

Q: I will be arriving Guangzhou Airport at 1.30 pm and what options do I have to get to Shantou and the approximate cost?

You must be arriving at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. You can fly out of the same airport to Shantou. There are four Guangzhou-Shantou flights in the afternoon and evening - 14:30, 16:30, 18:10, and 22:30. You probably won't be able to catch the one at 14:30. Flight time between Guangzhou and Shantou is about one hour. The destination is Shantou Waisha Airport, which is about 12 km northeast of Shantou. You can take a cab at the airport to go to the city.
You can probably fly from Guangzhou to Shantou for 400-600 Chinese dollars, one-way.

You can also take a long distance bus to get from Guangzhou to Shantou. You should be able to find Shantou-bound buses at a number of long distance bus stations in Guangzhou - for example, Tianhe Passenger Transportation Center (Tianhe Keyun Zhan). Departures are throughout the day, with the latest close to midnight. Bus fare is around 160-180 Chinese dollars. Some buses are nicer than others. Bus ride time is 5 hours or so. There do not seem to be buses that go directly from Baiyun Airport to Shantou.

Baiyun Airport is about 25 km outside Guangzhou. There are shuttle buses between the airport and various destinations in the city, including Tianhe Passenger Transportation Center. Shuttle fare is 15-30 Chinese dollars. If you take a taxi, it may cost as much as 150 Chinese dollars, including highway tolls.

There are train services between Guangzhou and shantou, but this is not a very convenient way for you. There are three Shantou-bound departures everyday - 8:46, 12:42, and 14:55; given the time, it is unlikely that you can leave on the same day if you choose to go by train. You need also, of course, to get from the airport to the city, where the train stations are located. Two trains depart from Guangzhou East Railway Station and one train departs from Guangzhou Railway Station. The train rides last 7 to 8 hours. A soft-seat ticket costs about 120 dollars. A hard sleeping-berth costs about 140 dollars. A soft sleeping-berth costs about 200 dollars.


What is the time of the first and last bus from Guangzhou to Shantou / Shantou to Guangzhou? Any recommendation on which bus station and which bus company?

There should be Shantou-bound buses departing from Guangzhou throughout the day, from early morning into the night. You should be able to find these buses at Tianhe Passenger Transportation Station (Tianhe Keyun Zhan) or Guangzhou Fangcun Bus Passenger Transporation Station (Guangzhou Fangcun Qiche Keyun Zhan).

For information about departures from Tianhe Station, call (020) 37085070. For information about departures at Fangcun Station, call (020) 81405555 or 81505555.