Travel in Wuhan and nearby area

Q: Hi, what are some of the places that one can tour in Wuhan? If not in Wuhan, some attractions that aren't too far away from the city? Thanks.

Wuhan is not among the best of sight-seeing cities in China. There are, however, a number of notable tourist attractions in the general region.

Inside Wuhan, one place to go is Huanghe Lou (Yellow Crane Tower). The building stands on the bank of the Yangzi River. It is a good place to get bird's-eye view of Wuhan. Guiyuan Ci (Return-to-Origin Temple) is located in Hanyang (a district of Wuhan). The temple was established in the 17th century and shelters some important Buddhist artifacts. The East Lake (Dong Hu) is a large lake lying (where else) east of the city. It is a public park. Among other things, on the lake shore is Hubei Provincial Museum.

Outside Wuhan there are a few nationally renown tourist attractions, especially if you're into nature and are somewhat adventurous. If you travel 4 hours westward, you'll reach the Three Gorges (outside the city Yichang). After the completion of the great reservoir over there, the views are no longer as dramatic as they used to be, but it is still worthwhile to tour the area for the landscape, along with the world's biggest dam thrown in.

South of the Three Gores lies Zhangjiajie. This is a scenic area known for extraordinary peaks. North of the Three Gorges is Shennongjia; here one finds some great mountains that are part of a national park. It quite a few hours to get to Zhangjiajie or Shennongjia, and they're not easy trips.

Also notable is Wudang Mountain, which is about 5 hours northwest of Wuhan. The area is both known for landscape and a strong Daoist tradition (it is one of the best-known Daoist mountains in China). There are train services between Wuhan and Wudang.

To tour any of the scenic areas mentioned above, you need to have at least two to three days to spare from whatever you need to do in Wuhan.


There are two ways to cruise the Three Gorges - starting in Chongqing and coming down the Yangtzi River or starting in Yichang and sailing up the river. The Three Gorges are immediate west of Yichang whereas there is some distance between Wuhan and Chongqing. You can travel to Wuhan and then go to Yichang (by coach). There is also direct train service from Beijing to Yichang. From Quangzhou to Yichang, too, I believe.

Mt. Lu is about three hours east of Wuhan, downstream on the Yangtzu. There are some beautiful views up on the mountain. Scattered around are some nice villas built in the old days - the mountain used to be a summer resort for the rich. It would be a nice vacationing place from Wuhan, especially in summer time - it gets extremely hot and humid in Wuhan at that time of the year.