China Travel News

  • After decades of hard work, rail connection to Lhasa was completed in 2006. Currently there are seven train services from various cities in China to to Lhasa, the city on "world's roof," the capital of Tibet.

  • According to tourism officials in Sanya, Hainan. Hotels in the city will be subject to a government policy designed to prevent steep hikes in hotel room rates.

  • A new policy comes into effect on Jan. 1, 2011 in which foreign travelers who have made purchases in Hainan Province will be reimbursed for the taxes they paid on their goods.

  • After unannounced inspections of select hotels across China, the country's commission in charge of hotel ratings decided to rip star rankings of seven establishments. It was determined that these hotels did not meet the standards expected of their standings.

  • Hong Kong Ocean Park closed its aqua exibit Atoll Freef on January 2. The park will move the inhabitants of the old aquarium from its current on top of a hill down to waterfront, where a larger aquarium has been constructed.

  • How much do you pay to get in the parks, historical site, or scenic areas you have come a long way to see? Entry fees vary. Some places are free of charge. Some other places collect just a little money.

  • New train services, to be launched on Jan. 11, will reduce time needed to travel from Beijing to Chongqing and Chengdu by eight hours.

  • A sudden drop in temperature in Southwest and South China led to icy conditions over a large part of the region, creating serious transportation difficulties. The hardest hit provinces are Hunan and Guizhou. As of Jan. 2nd, most freeways in Guizhou are closed.

  • Starting today, passengers flying on China's secondary routes can expect to pay just a little less for their air tickets. This is according to a recent decision by the China's Civil Aviation Administration. 

  • Beijing Subway added five new routes to its system. Coming into service on Dec. 30 are: Daxing Line, Changping Line, No. 15 First Stage, Yizhuang Line, and Fangshan Line.

  • 1. Causeway, Hong Kong. On the northern side of the Hong Kong island.

    2. Nanjing Road, Shanghai. Central Shanghai, leading westward from the Bund.

    3. Wangfujing Street, Beijing. East of the Imperial Forbidden City, leading off the Changan Avenue northward.

    4. Ximending (Hsimenting), Taibei (Taipei). A neighborhood in the Wanhua district of Taibei.

  • Cab riders in Shanghai will pay more starting on October 11. The charge for the intial 3 km of a taxi ride is now ¥12.00 instead of the ¥11.00 in the past, and the charge for every additional km was raised from from ¥2.10 to ¥2.40.